One for the kids – NSW Junior Dragster Titles report

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Sydney Dragway recently held the 2011 NSW Junior Dragster Titles, sponsored by Rapisarda Racing in what turned out to be a fun filled day for everyone involved.

The day was designed for the kids, all officials time was donated for the day and a huge BBQ was put on by the grandfather of Junior Dragster racing in Australia, J& C Mowers owner Joe Princi along with Skips Racing which kept everyone fed and replenished.

Though there was not as many cars as hoped entered, planning is under away for better date and promotion for next year in the hope it could become the country’s premier Junior event.

Racing started with separate boys and girls eliminators.

The Girls bracket featured Emma Hazzard in the final defeating the sprightly Caitlin “Boony” Zammit. Both dragsters left the line virtually dead even with Hazzard hanging on at the top end with a 8.66 (8.62 DI) to Zammit’s 8.67 (8.60 DI).

Zammit had a earlier reprieve in the first round when Brooke Chin broke a chain just after leaving the start line, but still should of won the round when Zammit breakout went unnoticed.

Dominic Leonello won the boys eliminator, Leonello is one of the many racers that have come up behind the wheel of a J&C Mowers/Skips Racing Junior.

David Roberts was his opponent but a .113 RT cost him the win on a 8.63 (8.60 DI) compared to Leonello’s better .046 RT giving his 8.26 (8.20 DI) pass the win.

The racers were then broken up into ET brackets.

Leonello double up with a win in the Fast To 8.99 Bracket which featured the majority of racers with another win.

Oponnent Toby Austin went 8.36 (8.30 DI) but was driven around on by Leonello’s 8.24 (8.20 DI).

Georgia O’Neil claimed a two car shootout in the 9.00 to 9.99 Bracket.

Facing off against her was Michelle Donnelly up all the way from South Australia. Both racers hit identical .151 reactions but O’Neil’s 9.41 (9.39 DI) was enough over a 9.95 (9.83 DI) from Donnelly.

In the 10.00 to 10.99 class it again was just the two cars going head to head with Thomas Burns taking a break out win.

Breaking out was the other Donnelly sibling Kelly, despite a big holeshot, a 10.08 (10.20) was way to quick.

The final ET bracket was the 11.00 above class which was won by default with James Hazzard being the only runner.

An All In bracket was held to round out eliminations and this was won by Mitchell Oxley.

Oxley didn’t have to work to hard for the win when opponent Bianca Humphries picked a -.013 cherry off the tree unfortunately wasting a great 8.883 run on a 8.88 DI.

The day ended with a bit of fun when parents had chance to take the wheel of their child’s Junior Dragster in some entertaining action.

Not to sure of Boony Zammit’s staging technique for dad Tony.

Kim Saunders may find Samantha’s junior is faster than her Super Streeter.

Thomas tells Roz Burns she is good to go.

Snap Shot

MacCaskell family watch on as Adriana heads off for a pass.

Amy Patterson waits for pickup.


Brooke Chin has Santo Rapisarda Jr in her corner.


Caitlin “Boony” Zammit is always the life of the Junior ranks.

Its all thumbs up from David Roberts.

Emma Crossland has stepped into the family dragster previously run by Sam this season.

Plenty of good feeling and sportsmanship was about on the day.

The rush is on to get Emma Hazzard back for her next round.

Terry Koukides guides Erin in to stage, this was Erin’s first day racing.

Georgia O’Neil unstraps.

Russell Mill puts Holly into the water, this is Holly’s final year in the class, but will be be back with a Modified dragster.

Kelly Donnelly is getting set for her round match up.

South Aussie duo.

Joe Princi really started off Junior Dragster racing in Australia and if affectinonally known as Grandfather.

Rocco Romano and Dominic Leonello are the latest in a long line of racers to steer a J&C Mowers car.

There was plenty of tight racing as Samantha Saunders and Dominic Leonello battle here.

Former JD racer Tabatha Saunders pushes back sister Samantha.

West Aussie Sam Butler stayed past the Nitro Champs for a chance to run at the event.

The relaxed day gave a chance for everyone to get involved here with Thomas Burns.

Very relaxing day aye Macka

Graeme Austin prepares Toby’s car.

There was a small hot rod display on the day.

Plenty off food and drink was on offer free to anyone thanks to Joe Princi with the help of the Skips Racing crew.

The trophies at the end of the day look sweet.

Video by Madman Productions – DVD available of all the days action

Photos by Grant Stephens/ & Lee Davis/


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