Outlaws Nationals runner up Murray Edgar blows his top

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Supercharged Outlaws racer Murray Edgar literally blew his top on the way home from the Australian Nationals at Calder Park when his trailer lost the roof somewhere on the return journey.

After claiming a Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series runner up at the Australian Nationals, Edgar and his team left the racetrack around midnight in a convoy of crew steering the truck, Edgar himself in the tow car behind and a full car load of crew bringing up the rear.

Strangely none of the trailing pack saw the roof disappear and it was only when they pulled into a roadhouse at Wallan, Victoria they noticed it was missing.

“We all decided to stop at the Wallan roadhouse for a bite to eat and some fuel,” explains Edgar.

“As we pulled up I noticed something hanging down the side of the trailer and on closer inspection we found it was in fact what was left of the roof! None of us saw it, maybe we drove under it?

“I have always said the fun part about Drag Racing is in the road trip sometimes, thinking back to some fond memories when I worked for Peter and Helen Russo on their fuel car.

“So we could do nothing but laugh as the drag racing gods had smiled on us all weekend with racing but didn’t let us get a big head about it. We wrapped the trailer up with a few large load binders a bit like a Christmas present and proceeded home to Benalla at a reduced pace eventually getting home at 4:30am.

“We lost some crew start line polo shirts and some loose paperwork but it could have been a lot worse if the sides came off!”

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Thankfully no one was hurt and the car and spare parts were not damaged in the incident.

The strange set of circumstances were not enough to dampen the mood as Edgar celebrated his runner up in one of the most prestigious races in Australian Drag Racing barely believing what had transpired.

“My feelings on the Nationals in a word, WOW!” continues Edgar.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we dare to dream about a final round appearance – it was a dream come true.

“I have worked on funny cars for around 30 years both in Oz and USA and I have been promised you will drive it one day but it never eventuated.

“While helping Craig Russo with his and Jacquie’s new beautiful car they imported from the States I casually asked what he was doing with the old one?? One thing lead to another and here we are.

“It’s a fantastic family sport, my whole family and friends help, especially my kids it will keep us broke but on Saturday night we know where we all are, buggered and in the tent at a racetrack and I can live with that.”

“A huge congrats to all who helped make this race what it is this. The sport is a part of my DNA and hopefully my kids too – to now being a racer it blows my mind how much fun we are having.”

In the Supercharged Outlaws final at the Australian Nationals Edgar experienced an engine issue after the burnout and considered shutting the funny car down.

“It sounded a bit off and I was told we had some flames coming out of the right hand side headers. I was going to shut off but my crew chief Brett Cooper said; ‘No way this is a final so stage it!’

“At the green there was no one home, she was running on about 6 cylinders and when that black Camaro came past I shut off to save what was left. We will do a full tear down this week, as Brett didn’t want us to touch it until he could be here.

“(The Australian Nationals) was absolute exhaustion for a day or two then back to work with a thud! I was super happy for Peter Datson who won as he has been trying for 20 years – he told me through tears in the shutdown area and I said; ‘well done you deserve it.’

“Anyone who wins a Gold Christmas Tree deserves it, I hope it’s me some day.”


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