PAC decimates world record – 6.58

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George Rehayem driving the PAC Performance 20B powered Mazda 6 blew away the teams own Rotary world record last night at Sydney Dragway’s Full Throttle Friday event.

The PAC Performance team have been trading world record blows with the Sammy Promotion RX7 in Puerto Rico over recent months.


The South American car had the record back at 6.701 surpassing the PAC teams 6.708 pass at round two of the Sydney Track Championship a week earlier. Rehayem stole the record again a week later with a 6.68 second blast at the next Track Championship round.

Then last night after an earlier 6.70 pass in very cool conditions, George Rehayem moved the record to the stratosphere axing a whole tenth off his previous mark, 6.589 at 208.65 MPH on a less than straight run.

After a recent major switch to a Haltec ECU and data logger, the teams performances have rocketed to numbers many thought out of reach.


Check out the run courtesy of Madman Productions.


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