Pac Performance to take on Puerto Rico

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Australia’s Pac Performance will be taking their turbocharged rotary Mazda 6 across to the other side of the planet to compete against Puerto Rico’s Loquito Killer RX8 at Orland Speed World Dragway in Florida in October.

Touted as the ‘match race of the century’, both teams have rabid fans wanting to see a win. The performance edge currently sits with Loquito Killer which has run 6.19/230mph, while Pac’s bests are 6.26 and 223mph.

Pac Performance’s Rocky Rehayem thanked Orlando Speed World for putting on the event.

“They have done something truly, truly applaudable for the import scene, this is something which I believe is going to push import racing to the next level,” he said.

The competition will be on in earnest and Rehayem believes that performances will be pushed closer to the five second zone.

“If you had have asked me three or four years ago if this (five seconds) was possible I probably would have laughed. But with technology and what we are learning and the advances we are making it is something that will be truly achievable in the next year.”

The team are currently preparing the car for some testing before shipping it to the USA, including adding a light weight front clip (pictured above) to replace the battle scarred previous version.


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