PAC Performance unveil Australia’s fastest Mazda

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Yesterday PAC Performance revealed their new Mazda 6 SP weapon and they believe its packing the artillery required to take back the rotary world record.

PAC Performance started work on the new 6 SP following the demise of the previous Mazda 6 at the Nitro Champs last year, since then their rotary world record has been taken back to Puerto Rico at 6.51 seconds.

PAC Performance shook the Mazda 6 SP down last night with a burnout and launch last night at the street meet ahead of more serious private testing this weekend, where they will be able to unleash the full fury.

The Pac Performance Mazda 6 SP will be Australia’s fastest Mazda, travelling from a standing start to in excess of 330km/h in around 6.5sec. Its 1600 horsepower methanol burning Mazda 20B rotary engine is built in-house in their Sydney workshop. With its 5-speed manual transmission and full tube chassis design it will accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 1.3sec.

Pac Performance Crew Chief and Head Tuner, Rocky Rehayem, said that this car represents the pinnacle of rotary engine development anywhere in the world.

“We’ve been building, tuning and developing the Mazda rotary engine for 21 years and this is the most technologically advanced car ever built,” he said

As the current Australian record holders in a number of categories as well as the record for the outright fastest rotary-powered vehicle, Pac Performance did, at one time, hold the outright world record.

“With our last car, we ran the quarter mile in 6.58 seconds at around 330km/h and this held the world record for quite some time. Our overseas counterparts have since snatched that world record from us and we mean to bring it back to Australia,” Rocky explains. “This is definitely the car and team to do it.”

Rocky also says that the car is a testament to the quality and ingenuity of the Australian automotive aftermarket industry.

“We couldn’t do what we do without our team and the help of great Australian companies like Turbosmart and Haltech. Their assistance as well as that of Garrett and Mazda Australia has been invaluable and has made this new car a reality,” he said.

Rocky’s brother and driver of the Pac Performance Mazda 6 SP, George Rehayem, said that he was excited at the opportunity to get back behind the wheel.

“I can’t wait to be back out there racing and entertaining the crowd! No one in the rotary world has ever had a car like this and no one on this team will rest until it’s running the way we want and taking the fight to our competition,” an obviously enthusiastic George exclaimed.

That competition is comprised of the world’s fastest Toyota’s, Nissan’s and Mitsubishi’s in the Factory Xtreme category, a class of racing in which the Pac Performance team will be a force to be reckoned with.


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