PAC Performance unveil twin RX8s

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At the recent PAC Performance Open Day, the industry leaders in pumping out Australia’s quickest rotaries unveiled two new machines added to their stable.

The twin RX8s were brought in from the USA after being built by JC Race Cars and finished off brilliantly by Integrity Body Shop.

Now in the hands of PAC Performance, both will be fitted with potent 13B combos.

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Andrew “The Dentist” Maratos is the owner of the green one and he will be fitting his 13B running gear out of the the RX3 coupe he is currently campaigning.

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The other RX8 is heading to Elia Hajjar – who has an animal of a RX3 coupe of his own – and will fit the six-second 13B bullet from Rodney Rehayem’s RX3.

With no firm debut timeframe yet of the RX8s, both Hajjar and Maratos are keen to slip behind the wheel.

You can follow PAC Performance via their Facebook page HERE.

Photos by PAC Performance

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