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Drag racing fans at Calder Park and watching live online held their breath after witnessing Bill Perdikaris’ spectacular Pro Stock tumble at the Australian Nationals – the good news is Perdikaris will be back soon.

It only took the smallest of wobbles and moments later Bill Perdikaris found himself a helpless passenger as his Pro Stock Escort turned turtle in a big way at Calder Park.

Fortunatley Perdikaris climbed out of the wreck a bit shaken up, but unharmed, with all the safety features doing their job.
The crash may have looked devastating for the Pro Stock Escort – a car that Perdikaris was getting on top of tune up wise to match it with the upper echelon in the bracket – but on further inspection it was more or less only cosmetic and we will see the car back on track in no time.

“The car isn’t too bad, just more cosmetic damage than anything. I’ve sent the car off to get repaired in Queensland by Peter Walsh,” said Perdikaris.

On what happened, Perdikaris still wasn’t totally sure but he does believe the Calder Park track still needs more work.

“The right lane was bumpy, it shook the tyres from the hit and then going down the track it moved a bit – I think the air got under it and that’s when it flipped,” he said.

“The car was going really well in qualifying and we ran the fastest time in the right lane of 7.09. In my personal opinion you can not run the ANDRA points series if it is a one lane track – they need to spend more money to make both lanes equal.

“Hopefully if it all goes to plan I should be back for Willowbank in April.”

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