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Drag News Magazine editor Luke Nieuwhof is on expedition in the USA at the moment and managed to drop in to one of the world’s biggest small tyre races – No Mercy VI at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Here is some of what caught his eye.

This convertible Camaro was one of the more unique street cars on site. Big, blown motor, radial tyres and you can put the top down in rollcaged comfort.

Big horsepower can take its toll, in this case a driveline failure.

Turbos are frequently mounted front and centre between the headlights.

The radial tyres are what this race is largely about. Coming in a variety of types, the sidewall on these tyres is nowhere near as flexible as a traditional drag racing tyre, meaning that power must be fed in gradually.

Patina in effect.

Reflections on exhaust types. The zoomie style seen on traditional Top Doorslammers was largely absent as nitrous and turbocharged powerplants dominated.

These might be amateur level teams but the pit areas were reminscent of those in the NHRA or any big league motorsport.

Awaiting a pass in the staging lanes, two turbochargers hidden behind the grill and ready for action.

At first glance I would have said Camaro, then I noticed the grill.

Australian Stuart Henry was racing his Ford Capri. In the staging lanes it did not take long to hear someone coming up to ask what kind of car it was – no doubt a common question regarding this Aussie export!

Henry purges the nitrous lines on track. The attitude to hangers on around the startline is somewhat more relaxed than in Australia or the NHRA.

Phil Hines carrying the front wheels down track as the power feeds in. He had to abort the pass and came down with the front end hitting the ground in a shower of sparks. 

More mid track wheelstand action.

Comparing exhaust notes on Ford Mustang fox bodies.

Mustangs in general were a popular choice, from the common as muck fox bodies to the newer models.


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