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Another new world mark from the Australian sport compact scene was set at the last round of the Sydney Dragway Track Championship series, Po Tung became the owner driver of the world’s quickest full bodied Supra.


Po Tung who you may remember use to run the orange Gatorz RX7, has had a dream run with his Toyota 2JZ Supra since its debut only three race meetings ago, the car has gone quicker on virtually every run, set national Super Compact records in AA/OM and claimed a Gold Christmas Tree at the Nitro Champs. Now he can lay claim to the worlds quickest genuine Supra after ripping out a 7.53 at 187MPH last week in Sydney.

“The car has a 3.2L Toyota 2JZ engine built by Joe Signorelli at Gas Motorsport, Gas Motorsport also did the rest of the set up surrounding the running gear, it runs a GT55 Garret turbo, Hypertune intake manifold and custom exhaust manifold by James Groveryder,” said Tung.

“The chassis side of things were done by James Groveryder which included the funny car cage, ladder bars, spindle mount front wheels, wheelie bars etc, and the car is running Haltec ECU with a Haltec dash.

Tung use to run rotary power in the RX7 several years ago but made the switch to a piston engine in the Supra.

“I decided to switch to 2JZ for its reliability and the minimal maintenance. We race, trailer the car back to the shop, run petrol through the engine and there it sits until the next meeting,“ he said.

“Reliability means more track time and we built this car to go round and round and that’s what it’s doing.

And now the team has a new world record in the books beating the previous mark from a US based car.

“The previous fastest full bodied supra was held by Boost Logic at 7.59 at 189 and they also run a huge 11 to 12 inch slick, we managed to take the top spot all with a 28×9 inch tyre at our third real meeting,” he said.

You can check out Po Tung at the Winternationals where Willowbank atmospheric conditions could definitely see the Supra run quicker again.

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