Po Tung returns, Frank Tarabay steps up in Gas Racing stable

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With a reputation for producing some of Australia’s quickest 2JZ powered drag cars, the Gas Racing stable is getting a bit of a shake up with the return of Po Tung and Frank Tarabay moving to a new car.

Tung’s Toyota Supra is a fan favourite and Gas Racing announced that Tung (also known as the promoter of the Grudge Kings events) would be returning after a two and a half year break from driving.

“This bad girl tore up the 289 class and fairly claimed the title of the world’s fastest Supra,” Gas Racing said. “Well she’s back with some big changes by the Gas team to ensure it remains at the forefront of recent technological advancements, improving where it left off in 2017 from a 7.04/208mph. A FuelTech USA FT600 will now manage the car and boost will be provided by our friends Precision Turbo and Engine, upgrading from a Promod 94 to a GEN2 Promod 98.

“With some new 275 radials now fixed to the rims this Supra promises to showcase yet another Gas Racing 2JZ powerplant that will no doubt shake up the field.”

Meanwhile, Frank Tarabay will be shifting out of his very quick Supra and into a full chassis Toyota Scion (pictured above) in a quest for even quicker times on the drag strip.

“Frank Tarabay’s introduction to drag racing was nothing but spectacular,” Gas Racing said. “The car is one of the toughest street-style Supras in the world, running a best of 6.94/204mph in under 12 months and cementing its status on an international level. In true Frank style, he has decided to put the Supra to rest and step up his game! Frank has just acquired the Gas Scion previously owned by Karl and Tina Hammoud.

“The Scion will be overhauled and freshened front to back by the Gas team. The power plant will include our latest Gas Racing billet 2JZ, boosted by the latest Precision Turbo & Engine turbocharger and controlled by a FuelTech FT 600.”

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