Pre Australian Nationals testing wrap up

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After a string of open and private test days at Sydney Dragway we are on the eve of the Australian Nationals 2013 edition which for this year doubles as the grand final for all ANDRA Championship classes. Here is a wrap of testing and a truckload of photos to get in the groove for the next three days of action.

AE4R8259There was not much activity coming from Top Fuel or Top Bike, Martin Stamatis only made one shot and the Billview dragster appeared to break a throttle cable on the launch. Chris Porter was the only fuel bike to do a lap in Sydney, Neville Smith and Chris Matheson on his new bike were putting in some seat time at Willowbank and Warwick.
A99Q9665In Top Alcohol John Cannuli took several shots at the track leaving the line with hard wheels up launches before shaking. Gary Phillips could not get the Lucas Oils funny car past 60ft before being struck with shake and smoke.
AE4R5951Mark Hinchelwood debuted the new Sainty powered TA/FC, the team have had a few niggling problems over the test days and have not produced an indicative run.
A99Q8815AE4R6033Likewise Wayne Price spectacular with his traction issues, though did manage a 5.85
AE4R6950The Top Doorslammer title is within Peter Kapiris’ reach, surprisingly John Zappia elected not to do any pre event testing. Kapiris ran several 5.86 second runs, but did struggle on the official test day to get hooked up.
AE4R8035AE4R8104Stephen Dupond and Jeff Wilson are still coming to grip with their new rides, both cars are yet to hook to the track cleanly.
AE4R7146Charlie Micali is back with Andy McCoy in his corner again after that horrendous crash at the Nitro Champs, the Duster has been rebuilt and the team have been creeping up on it with a 6.20 best in testing.
AE4R7850Bill Goonan’s 6.14 in the Camaro was solid for the rookie team, Geoff Gradden also attempted one pass that was a pedalfest for the Saratoga netting a 6.61.
AE4R7014There were no Pro Stock Motorcycles present in testing but Pro Stock had the hammer down. Lee Bektash now with Bob Book motivation topped the factory hotrod sheets with a 6.98, Jason Grima was also into the sixes with a 6.99.
A99Q8851Wayne Daley stomped to a 7.01, Chris Soldatos and dark horse Ian Brown recorded 7.02’s, Aaron and Tyronne Tremanye brought up 7.02 and a 7.03 respectively too.
AE4R7313AE4R7836Rounding out Pro Stock testing was Bill Perdikaris 7.08, Rick Chilton 7.09, Shane Tucker in his final race in Australia for the foreseeable future had drama plagued 7.09. Frank Nirta 7.11 and Emilio Spinozzi was at the tail of the testing field with a 7.14.
AE4R7675In the sports man ranks Jason Maggs’ BB/AP Corvette was consistent and quick 6.50 and 6.51, Darren Parker went 7.43 for B/APA, Shane Moran 7.36 in A/AP and John Kuiper made a best lap of  8.11 in his C/G Commodore.
AE4R7791Corey Buttigieg annihilated V/CB with his sinister black Destroyer cranking out a 8.21, not bad for a 9.09 index!
AE4R7662A lot of eyes are on Phil Rillotta’s 1005ci Camaro, the SS/A record is in for a demolishing if the Pro Street legend can hook the over 2000hp aspirated behemoth up. In testing Rillotta went well under the 6.73 National Record with a 6.61 at 216MPH and is capable of going low sixes.
AE4R6508AE4R6509Shane Seawright’s Nationals ended before they begun, unfortunately for the North Queenslander following a 6.78 from his twin turbo Modified Dragster hung a valve and backfired violently through the manifold.
AE4R4566AE4R7087AE4R7427AE4R8135Wheelstands weren’t lacking either!.


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Photos by Grant Stephens & Neil “Madman” Larsen for


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