Precision Turbo have Australian authorised dealer Gas Racing at the ready

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Precision Turbo are known worldwide for their incredibly powerful turbochargers, but what is not so well known is that Australia has an exclusive authorised dealer – Gas Racing.

The Sydney workshop, helmed by long time drag racer Joe Signorelli, can provide Australian delivery on the entire Precision Turbo range. As dealers, they can also offer the exclusive factory warranty – which is not available on ‘grey’ imports.

Many racers in Australia have discovered the Precision Turbo range delivers the best boost they can find, with sizes that cover everything from four cylinder motors to big block V8s. There are also mirror image turbos that create symmetry in the engine bay – perfect for engineering needs or just looks!

Among the range’s most popular turbos are the Precision PT6466 and the Precision PT7675 Sportsman, while those after extreme size can opt for the incredible second generation PT118 – which has a huge 118mm inducer size.

There is also the official Pro Mod range, as used by NHRA Pro Mod competitors, such as the Pro Mod 88 XPR. Proven in the heat of battle, there are few turbochargers that can stand up to such abuse.

Ordering a Precision Turbo via Gas Racing means you get tech support and advice with your installation, and with the amount of records set by that workshop that is some pretty valuable experience (check out when they achieved the world’s quickest auto import record)! Their status as Australian authorised dealer is a recognition of their ability to provide the ultimate support for Precision Turbo products.

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