Pro-Lux now No-Lux and Pro FX contender

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Craig Melbourne’s “Pro-Lux” ute has had a makeover to conform with Pro FX regulations.

The ex Stock truck was imported as a Toyota Hilux, the car was then fitted with a 20B rotary from Mazfix for Sport Compact duties campaigned by Archie Kajewski.

However the rules state for the new exhibition Pro Fx class that the engine must match the maker of the vehicle, with a engine swap to a 2JZ out of the question Mazfix have remodeled the ute as Mazda BT50 in time for this weekend’s Winternationals warm up.

“We are very pleased to announce that as of this Sunday when our ute rolls out at the Winter National Warm Up at Willowbank Raceway, we will now be a fully legitimate Pro Fx Car,” Mazfix said.

“We are all very excited to get out to the track so we can continue to chase quicker times and faster mph. So we will just have to see what the weekend has in store for us.”

The car now know as the “No-Lux” is being driven by Archie Kajewski, the first rotary driver into the six second zone and over 200mph with his Beretta.


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