Pro Street returns to Calder Park

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The start of the APSA Pro Street Series for 2012 will begin in Melbourne, at what has been called in the past, “The Home of Pro Street”.

Due to popular demand and racers requesting a points round in VIC, APSA sponsors and Calder Park Raceway are happy to bring Pro Street back to VIC here at Calder Park on 18th February 2012.

Now fans can enjoy these Street Style animals entertaining the masses, as they battle it out to see who is king or queen of their Pro Street class. The different categories offered by an APSA shootout have an interesting variety of styles, with racers building street cars to comply with a set of rules setup for their respective class. There are wars going on inside all the ranks and these beefs can vary from power adders (Turbo vs. Nitros vs. Blown) to manufacturers (Ford vs. Holden) and this type of heads up racing can even get personal between racers. Pro Street highlights for this meeting are:

True Street

The true street class has become very popular and in turn one of the most competitive classes in Pro Street racing. This meeting will offer two of the fastest true street racers in the country, Melbourne’s own number one, Tony Bonikos’ big block HJ Sedan vs. QLD’s Janelle Scott  running a small block Chev powered hatch back Torana. Tony’s car is an awesome combo with more than enough power to run mid nines, but Janelle’s precise driving skills and very stout combo has pushed her to the national number two spot and won her the 2011 championship. Don’t be fooled by this girl racer guy’s, she can cut fast lights and is as serious as the fastest and the best in the True Street class. We have a ten car field ready to race at Calder for this meeting, so get ready to watch some very competitive close racing.

Modified Street.

Next battle occurring will be the fight to catch Ali Sead’s number one 7.66 elapsed time for the Mod Street n/a class. Although weights have been put up to bring parity into the class, the crazy Capri’s of Tony Cusolito and Danny Sharban have more than enough horsepower to run down that time. But what makes this chase even more interesting is that these guys are personal rivals and have very similar combos, being very light weight over cubed Chev powered Ford Capri’s, similar in build and sixty foot times. This battle will be a good one to keep an eye out for, as these guy wrestle with these grossly over powered standard suspension and small tyred street style cars.

Pro Street Blown.

The fight in Pro Street blown for that illusive six second pass is on for a couple of these guys, its Ford mate Holden and mate versus mate. Locals, Peter Pisilidis and Dominic Luppino both have the power and goods to dish out six second passes at this meeting. Peter’s Chev powered turbo Camaro ran a bottom seven second pass in testing and he was unhappy with a result that most would wish for. Pistol Pete is on a mission and he will be up against Ford man Dom Luppino with his twin turbo big block, which is rumoured to have 2800HP and has already clocked a six second pass. As these guys push, all sorts of mayhem can occur, opening up chances for the rest of the field as the top runners push for glory, wrestling with massive amounts of power, traction issues, and wheels, trying to shoot for the sky at three quarter track.

10.5 Outlaw.

The 10.5 Outlaw official points series is also starting right here at Calder on Feb 18th. 10.5 Outlaw is set to be one of the most exciting classes to watch as racers are pumping anything up to 3000HP through 10.5W rated tyres. This can only spell excitement as these guys challenge themselves and run to see who can get the power down on this tyre. The 10.5 class has already attracted some great entrants, with racers such as the awesome machine of Tristan Ockers, a nlown injected Ford Capri and George Bastiras’s show winning Shotgun Falcon.

Also Staunch Racing’s, Johnny Wilson and Simon Kryger will be in the 10.5 field with the awesome 69 Camaro just imported from the states. It boasts an 800ci quad nitrous kit big block, built by TRE engines in the states. With this Combo the guys are chasing the title of “Fastest Nitrous 10.5 Outlaw car in the World,” Staunch Racing will debut right here at Calder Park Feb 18th.

The Calder Feb 18th meeting has so much to offer with battles going on in all the APSA Pro Street fields, crowds will get exposure to some crazy competitive, heads up, wheels up, Pro Street action.

As a big bonus, along with the Pro Streeters, spectators get to watch exhibition passes from some highly specialised Pro Stock cars along with a couple of Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars and four Top Fuel dragsters.



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