Proforce Safety joins VPW Racer Payouts

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Proforce safety is excited to be the latest brand on board the growing VPW Racer Payout Program. Proforce safety is a quality safety line for most Sportsman and professional classes in all forms of motor racing. With SFI and FIA standards and craftsmanship which is second to none.


vpwProducing Cam Lock, Latch/Link Seat Belts, Race Seat,  Racing Suits, Arm Restrain, Helmet Support, Window Net…..etc. The company quickly grew in size and reputation because of its absolute dedication to high quality manufacturing, high value of products and excellent customer service.

Today, Proforce consistently develop innovative products and process, such as super light weight Cam Lock Buckle and webbing. Our skilled and experienced staffs take great pride of our products and the protection they offer to the racing enthusiasts.

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