Puerto Ricans fire first shots in Jamboree testing

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There is no question the Puerto Rican Sport Compact contingent here for the Jamboree mean business with big testing numbers fired off already.

Most impressive has been Jorge Juarbe in El Humilde – the world’s fastest 3/4 chassis car – the 2JZ powered AE86 Corolla dropped a 6.08 straight out of the container, then followed that up with a 5.96.

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The Mech-Tech 2JZ Scion overcame start line issues to post a 6.22, expect plenty more from the third quickest Sport Compact car in the world as they dial in to the Australia conditions.

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The famous Loquito Killer 20B RX8 had a nasty moment smashing a tailshaft, causing a large amount of mecahnical damage and a methanol fire – Edwin Burgos was unhurt, but the Crazy Killer needs extensive repairs.

The team are thrashing the repairs and are confident the car will be right for Jamboree with the warning Crazy Killer wins after suffering adversity. 

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Finally, the Rafaelito Racing 13B RX8 delivered some screaming short times with a 1.04 sixty as they look to improve on their quickest 13B World Record.

You can can check plenty of live video links from testing on our Facebook page.

The Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree is this Saturday and Sunday at Willowbank Raceway

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