Quick Datsun ute a rising star of Outlaw Radial

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Tim Roads by Luke Nieuwhof

Tim Roads is fast earning a reputation for spectacular runs in the Outlaw Radial division at Perth Motorplex.

Roads has taken a unique path to speed, combining a Datsun ute, a turbocharged 12A Mazda rotary engine and a manual transmission, which have produced a quickest time of 7.88 over the quarter mile. The reason for most of the attention each time Roads hits the track has been the way the diminutive ute carries the front wheels a long way down the track under acceleration.

“It is a buzz every time I drive, it can be a little bit unpredictable at times and get out of shape easily if I get out of the racing groove, but that’s what makes it more fun,” Roads said.

“The crowd always cheer when we are coming back down the return road and to me that’s what drag racing is all about, having fun and putting on a show.”

Roads has owned the ute for over a decade, starting with a bare shell and gradually turning it into a super-quick race car.

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“My best mate Mike and I purchased the ute in 2008 and built the car together. We built the whole car ourselves except applying the yellow paint. We went with the 12A to try something different and to see how far we could go with it.

“When we were building the car the goal was to run in the eights, and now we are in the sevens, so we will see just how far we can go.”

Roads will be one of the drivers taking on the Outlaw Radial class at the Night of Fire at Perth Motorplex this Saturday, February 1.


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