Quillen gives a boost to Hamblin and Lisle at Winternationals

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US turbo tuner Travis Quillen has landed in Australia courtesy of Hi Tech Oils to lend his vast knowledge to Competition Eliminator racers Ash Hamblin and Matt Lisle at the Winternationals.

Quillen hails from Alabama and works as a full time tuner in the ADRL through to tuning cars in NHRA EFI Super Stock, Outlaw Pro Street, Bracket racers and Tractor pullers. He has tuned such cars as Dave Hances world’s first radial six second car and has a hand in Andy Jensen’s Camaro, the world’s fastest SBC door car.  He also is part owner is the world’s quickest Pontiac powered car, a 481ci Temest with Rodney Butler.

In Australia apart from Hamblin and Lisle, Quillen has been assisting Matt Abel through his connections with PTC converters along with a number of other Sportsman racers.

Specifically though at the Winternationals Quillen’s efforts will be concentrated with Ash Hamblin’s twin turbo BB/AA altered and Matt Lisle twin turbo AA/APIA Probe.

Hamblin coming back from some serious engine damage is looking to turn some serious numbers.

“The problem from the engine failure at last year’s Winters Warm up was a wrist pin split, pulled the skirt out of the piston, damaged the bore and holed the sump, but the rest of the motor was okay,” said Hamblin.

“The new combination is 399ci up from 358ci, the weight of the car is the same but still overweight for the cubes. We also have new PTC bolt together converter setup by Travis”.

Hamblin also hinted if the BB/AA index becomes too tough he has another combination up his sleeve.

“We have two twin turbo Lexus engines in the workshop, they will run my same fuel system and at 242 cubes it will allow us to run EE/AA in the altered,” he said.

Travis Quillen will also working with Matt Lisle at the Winternationals, Lisle’s mid six second Ford Probe has itself also recently undergone a rebuild.

“Travis is here tuning my car for the Winternationals, we changed a bunch of stuff on the car last year and now it’s time to put it all into motion,” said Lisle.

“The engine is still a twin turbo 375ci Ford, ET wise in Comp with weight we want to run into the 40’s and without the weight we are aiming for 6.0’s.

“Not sure if we have enough to run into the fives but we don’t intend to stop trying, I feel with the people involved we are on the right track,“ he said.

Lisle who has also recently raced Andy Jensen’s Camaro in US has also started a business arrangement with Quillen and Jensen.

“Andy Jensen has done my motors for the last three years and last year we decided to start selling Jensen’s engines here in Australia. So a deal was done with Fast XFI and with the involvement of Travis at Quillen Motorsports to have proven packages available for guys to buy and run fast without the guess work or here say on what’s right and wrong,” he said.

Both Lisle and Hamblin would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the cars and Quillen’s first trip to Australia

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