RaceMAX offers Clear View Filtration

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P400 115.B BlackOut 4in Screw on Filter Assembly

See Through filter assemblies allow the user to visually see oil pumping through the filter, which helps determine the condition of the oil.

When oil is not being pumped through the filter, the filter assemblies can be quickly emptied in seconds, exposing the filter element and the filtered particles, even when filtering non transparent fluids like dirty engine oil. This is done without draining, leaking or the loss of any oil out of the system, and without unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings.

This allows the user to visually inspect filtered particles which helps to determine if the particles are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine supplying the filter assembly.

Filter Assemblies are machined out of 6061 T6 billet aluminium. Filter assemblies are clear or black anodized for protection and durability. All filter assemblies are equipped with a pressure relief valve and are designed for engines with a max pressure of 150 psi and a max working temp of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

• When running 50 weight or Lighter Oil all 4” or 6” Filter Assemblies will work. Recommend a 60 Micron Filter Element when running a Hi-flow unit.
• When running 60 weight or Heavier Oil the 6” Hi-Flow Filter with 115 Micron Filter Element or the 6” Screw-On Filter with 115 Micron Filter Element is recommended.
• All Screw-On Filter Assemblies come with 115 Micron Filter Elements, unless special ordered.

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P410 60 410 115 4in Hi Flow Filter Assembly

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