Racers test their limits in Perth

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The big pre-season test and tune is something of a tradition in WA and it gives many new drivers and riders a chance to sort everything out before the season proper begins.

The weather was very kind and some good numbers were put down at the October 17 test day.

Daniel Gregorini hit a 6.21 in his AA/AP Camaro, with a very impressive 3.98 half track time. Speaking of Camaros, Adam Croker recorded a 6.02 in his Top Doorslammer in private testing the day before, now with a PSI blower on.

Top Alcohol dragster driver Adam Marchant ran a 5.71 and a 5.73 before putting father Charlie at the wheel for some skids. Anyway, we will run you through the rest with the photos.

 The aforementioned Croker’s Camaro alongside daughter Jemima’s Junior. Many Juniors were out licensing for the new 7.90 regime.


 Troy Salamar now has the ex-Shane Wynd ute now has a ute that looks very similar to Shane Wynd’s! Pooh himself tells us it is Dave Morrisey-built ute that used to run at Ravenswood.

Errol Quartermaine brought out a new car for his potent six cylinder turbo combination. Quartermaine’s Torana was one of the oldest vehicles competing at Perth Motorplex so this new car is quite a chance for him.

 There were new Falcons everywhere.

 The staging lanes were jam packed with racers.

 Rob Youngs is coming to grips with the ex-Steve Ham altered.

 Here’s Errol’s new beast out on track.

 Matt Treasure made a smooth transition from alcohol to nitro racing…

 …with a very impressive 5.36/267mph run to get final sign off on his licence.

 Greg Byrne’s psychedelic Funny Car struggled during the day.

 Trent Morrison is running dad Trevor’s altered with a nice little eight second combination in Modified this season. He was already into the 8.4s by the end of the day.

 Kevin Ball was having a ball in his 350 Chev powered altered.

 Marty Dack is still being tentative off the line in his new Top Doorslammer. He almost came a cropper late in the day when a burnout when skewiff and crossed the middle of the track near the 60 foot beams.

 There was plenty of two wheeled action as well…

 Kevin Gummow put in a good looking 7.75 pass.

 Ross Smith bested with an 8.90 on his A/SB Suzuki Hayabusa.

 Neil Anderson tried hard for a B/SB eight but the closest he got was a 9.07.

 Wayne Barrett ran a 7.61 on the ex-BSR Harley.

 Even the reverse gears need some practice.

 Michael Buckley enjoyed the 8.78 ride in his Mazda.

 Jessica Harper PB’d with a 7.68 best.

 Jamie Marshall went home happy with a 9.29 from the ASOLT Mazda.

 Kyle Putland went 7.44 with some new go fast bits on his altered.

 Mark Atkins’s C/G truck looked impressive and went well with an early shut fof 8.98 run. Picture by Phil Blondel.

 And last but not least, here’s your correspondent. I was riding a drag bike for the first time during the day and finished up with a 9.76. Thanks Dad!

– Luke Nieuwhof

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