Radical 67 Cuda adds more power to northern strips

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Alberta’s Dean Branham who’s super radical 1967 Barracuda is one of Canada’s most popular and creative Outlaw 10.5 cars has received a significant engine upgrade for 2014.

 Now nestled within the frame rails is a massive Brad Anderson engine (BAE) that will be equipped with a Precision Pro Mod 88 turbocharging system.

Dean, who has been steadily refining his Barracuda for a number of seasons,  has coaxed his homebuilt machine to a 6.69 secs at 210 mph run so far using a more conventional Mopar-wedge head engine program in the past.  But taking that motor program  into uncharted territory has proven to be problematic  – primarily with head gasket failures when pouring in boost.  The car’s new engine design is expected to address that problem area and thus improve vastly the car’s performance.


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