Aussies hit track at No Mercy, before rain ends play

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No Mercy 9 has begun in South Georgia with five Australian teams taking the opportunity to get on to the track on Wednesday ahead of a scheduled first qualifying session.

Unfortunately Mother Nature had something to say about that and after a day of testing the heavens opened up shortly before the first qualifying session was scheduled to begin.

Jarrod Wood took the Kevin Mullins/Bill Schurr Jeep (pictured above) for a lap, with Australians first man into the threes on radials cutting a 4.5 second time.

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Harry Haig will be running in the 6.0 Index class this weekend, and his test hits resulted in a 5.9 second time card he will need to dial back a touch – but it was cool to see Steve-o turning on a big burnout show (we can’t wait to see what he does in front of a big crowd later in the week).

Wade Wagstaff ran a personal best 4.02, with plenty more yet in the Noonan-powered 57 Chev. The car threw a belt before the finish line after hitting 60 feet in 1.06 seconds.

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Jeremy Martin made one hit but bumped out of the timers, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what the Commodore is capable of.

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One Aussie we missed in our preview from earlier in the week was Milos Pavlovic. He is driving the AAP Mustang, but had a rough Wednesday with engine damage a few seconds into his one and only test pass. If he can’t find another motor, that may be it for the ex-pat who now works in the Middle East’s burgeoning drag racing scene.

Barring another interruption from the rain, qualifying is set to commence on Thursday. Thanks to Hayley Turns for the images and the updates!

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