Rapisarda makes cut and books round 1 showdown with Kalitta

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Rapisarda Autosport International will face off against veteran Doug Kalitta in round one of eliminations after qualifying 12 th for the O’Reilly Route 66 Nationals in Joliet Indiana.

 “We’re happy to have made the field.” Said co- tuner Tino Rapisarda.

 “Any time there are 21 cars chasing 16 spots you’ve got to be pleased to make the field and go racing on the Sunday.

santino chitownTino picture of concentration

 “Today was a mixed bag for the team. Our second qualifying was nothing to right home about.” According to a candid Rapisarda.

“We didn’t give the car enough clutch and shredded the blower belt at 3.70 seconds into the run. On the upside we didn’t damaged any parts. Our third pass ended early. The car dropped the number eight cylinder on the hit and that pushed out the head gasket.

“Were looking forward to racing against Doug. We will go in as the underdog and that suits the team just fine.” he said.

santos chitownSmiles all round with Santo Senior and Junior

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