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Read Speed Racing has secured the support of SuperCharge Batteries, Australia’s leading provider of high quality vehicle, marine and deep cycle battery models, for the final two rounds of the 2013 Australian Top Fuel Drag Race Championship series.

The new partnership, source by Top Fuel Australia, will see multiple Australian Top Fuel champion, Steve Read and Read Speed Racing (RSR) compete at the penultimate Calder Park (Melbourne) Top Fuel Championship series round and the Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway.


Brisbane-based Read, who has raced in only a handful of events over the past three years due to his and co-team owner’s, wife Heather and Dwayne Riley’s hectic business schedules and a lack of marketing partner (sponsor) opportunities, is thrilled to join forces SuperCharge Batteries. 

“I am really looking forward and thrilled to have SuperCharge Batteries on board for the Calder Park and Nationals events and introducing SuperCharge Batteries to Top Fuel drag racing,” Read said. 

“Because of Heather, Dwayne and my hectic business commitments and the fact that it is hard to get a serious (sponsorship) budget needed to run a Top Fuel operation for a full season, we have not raced as much as we would have liked over the past three years.” 

Read is confident that with the support of SuperCharge Batteries, a member of the Ramcar group of companies, he will be more than competitive at this month’s Calder Park Top Fuel round and can win a seventh Australian Nationals’ title in Sydney next month.

“I have not raced in Melbourne for over 12 years. Calder Park is where I first started racing in Australia, at the 1992 Nationals and the last time I raced in a championship at Calder was the 2001 Nationals, which I won. 

“The Nationals is the one event everyone associated with RSR, including our dedicated and hard-working crew, (drag race) fans and now SuperCharge Batteries really look forward to racing at.”    

Supercharge Batteries Marketing Executive, Nick Bensley; said SuperCharge Batteries is looking forward to a successful partnership with Read Speed Racing at the final two rounds of the 2013 Australian Top Fuel Drag Race Championship series. 

“Steve Read and RSR are one of Australia’s most successful drag race competitors, which SuperCharge Batteries sees as a perfect fit for its extensive and quality product range.

“SuperCharge Batteries has been a leader in the Australian battery market for 30 years and Steve Read has raced on the world and Australian drag race stage for over 40 years, we believe a perfect partnership to launch SuperCharge Batteries into a new Australian motorsport market,” Bensley said.

“Top Fuel drag racing is a tough sport, which is why SuperCharge Batteries believes partnering with RSR at the Calder Park and Australian Nationals events is a natural extension of this company’s tough state-of-the-art products.”

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Read, affectionately known as ‘The Pom’ after migrating to Australia from Britain in 1993, has won two Australian Top Fuel Championship series, an Australia Top Alcohol Championship series, six Australia Nationals titles, including four in Top Fuel and two in Top Alcohol, a Summernationals and Winternationals titles and 21 championships in Europe. 

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