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In the lead up to the Fuch’s Australian Nationals we have seen record breaking performances in testing on track, here is the wrap from events over the last week.

The highlight without a doubt was Robin Judd’s 5.77|250 MPH run at the Fuchs Nationals test and tune, the ET marks the first Australian doorslammer into the 5.7 zone.

Joe Signorelli in the Sport Compact equivalent to Judd, set a new world ET benchmark at 6.38 seconds, at 223MPH just shy of the world speed mark.

At another test and tune a few days earlier, Phil Read debuted their new car with Valvoline sponsorship and made a pair of clean shut off runs.

Terry Sainty back in the family car attempted a couple of passes but were aborted at 60ft.

Lovering debuted a new Top Alcohol funny car owned by Stuart Johnson, the car kept tracking to the centreline so the team will look at some chassis tweak’s before officially debuting it.

Gary Phillips could not get the Lucas Oil’s machine to hook up off the line on several attempts.

Adam Marchant ran 5.93 but it was far from clean.

Steven Ham pedaled to a 6.32 best.

Mark Belleri made a single pass in testing but clicked it early, a 6.08|192 was the result but really looked like the Camaro was on a number.

Marty Dack was another of the testing west Aussies and recorded a 6.22|231 best lap.

John Zappia struck the tyres hard at 200ft getting sideways on his only pass and still carded a 6.24|242

A loose 6.22 was Sean Mifsud’s best in the Elite Oils Camaro

While John Cannuli aborted his one and only pass early.

Maurice Fabietti was giving some VIP’s a ride of a life time, running a auto at the Nationals will be have plenty of interested observers.

Quickest of the Pro Stockers in testing was Dave Newcombe clocking a 7.05|193

Jason Grima was not too far behind with a 7.10|193 from a fresh engine.

Bill Perdikaris rattled off a 7.14|192

Emilio Spinozzi has now found some ET with a 7.16 personal best.

Debuting the new GXP, Shane Tucker nearly wiped out the Christmas tree when a oil fitting broke in the burnout, fortunately it was just the burnout and not across the finishline, Tucker returned to run 7.27|192.

Locky Ireland had a bucking Pro Bike out for a 8.02|174

Chris Matheson went to half track for a 7.13|130MPH!

Michael Gregg and Phil Parker did not put  down full passes either in their attempts.

Andrew Cowin had the Nostalgia funny car out for a skid uncoiling a 5.94|233

Moving on to the sportsman racers, Raymond Oxley had the C/DA running again after a mishap when daughter Dee tagged the wall last season, Oxley ran 7.98|166

With a new engine combination Shane Baxter had the CC/AA altered hauling with a 6.80|193, well under the 6.89 national record.

Mike Nola is finding consistency from the nitrous Pontiac running a number six second passes with a best of 6.58|215

A 7.46|182 has Darren Parker nearly on the B/APA national record.

Nick Panagiotlaris hammered the A/MP 8.48 national record with a 8.28 run.

South Aussie Mario Prodan high stepped his A/MSA Charger to a 9.66|144

George Rehayem has gone even quicker in the ol’ MX6 with a 6.62|208.

Unfortunately Po Tung lost control of his record breaking AA/OM Supra after running out of the groove, going into a serious tank slapper before nosing the wall. The damage is mainly superficial and will be back in no time, but not the way to debut the new paint work.

Steve Dimech also keeps on going faster in his CC/SM Dato clocking a 7.35|187 run.

A 6.74|205 from Zoran Gajic’s BMW that will be a contender at the Nationals.

7.85|172 was a personal best from Chris Fakinos’ 13B R100

Grant Henderson’s 7.71 smashed his personal best to be the quickest 13B in the country on 28×9’s by a even larger margin.

After its tumble Mario Francisco’s Corolla was back with a new look running a 7.78|177 in CC/SM

Its been a long build time but Lee Docherty finally had his CC/SM MX5 out on track and improved on every run to 7.87|175 best ET.

A armada of Super Compact cars kept coming with a 8.06 from the Queen ST RB power Gemini.

Rob Cassar had his BB/CB under the index with a 7.85|168

In Supercharged Outlaws, Peter Xiberras went 6.58|215 with a new engine combo.

Michelle Davies cracked her first six running a 6.85|203 best for the day.

The Outlaw 10.5 team of Frank Mamone are chasing a gremlin causing the Nova to struggle in low gear, and maybe needs to work on the burnouts a touch.

A 7.20 from John Ward’s HPW Dragster has them ready for a Nationals assault.

Jason Cunliffe had the funny car heading north.

Both Geoff Blake and Mal Gower had a trying day with drama’s ending their testing after one run.

Margaret Hartill Law was deadly consistent in her hot rod, with a 8.10 personal best the car did not stray by much more than a hundredth over the day.

Tim Neilsen PB’d the Geoff Wright dragster with a 7.65|174

We have lift off with Paul Mclinden’s altered!

If you love tough sedan’s you need to get to a Test & Tune at Sydney Dragway, no matter what your tastes they just continue to turn out and run big numbers, like Ali Rayan’s HB Torana now fitted with a turbo 540ci big block and went 7.60|179

Adrian Chin’s nitrous VL uncoiled a 9.00|149

Up, up and away for Aleksandar Ninovic’s pro charged Capri.

Alex Cirtoski’s Skyline launched into the seven’s with a 7.85|178.

Ben Pascuzzo now has the first H pattern manual VL turbo into the eights with a 8.93|157.

Bill Perkoski entered the cranked a 7.76|176 PB from the small turbo 370ci Torana.

Stout 8.30|163 from Brad Zammit’s nitrous LC Torrie.

Brian Mortesen dipped into the 10’s for the first time with his immaculate EH.

Returning to the track after that monumental crash two weeks ago in his wife’s car was Dallas Whyte.

Daniel Basukoski gets nostalgic with his nitrous chev running 9.11|145

David Murphy shot out a 8.16|167 from his 351ci Capri.

8.69|159 from the RB powered Mazda of Fred Karam.

A 8.31|162 for Gary Halpin before the 2JZ decided to eat itself.

George Haramis hit a 7.99 which we believe is the first 7 second pass for the VL since switching to the auto.

Greg Fowler will be looking to reset the national SS/A mark this weekend and was in the zone with a 6.98|198

Jake Edwards was running a turbo a long time before they were cool, and a 8.01|179 had the Torana so close to that first seven second slip.

Joseph Somma is steadily picking the pace up in the Mustang running his first six, 6.91|203

Blown Ford power pushed Matt Long to a 8.41|162

Some crazy launches from Matthew Moore’s wagon.

Nathan Farrugia has sold his full chassis car and stepped back into a RX3 coupe with its first outing.

Rob Rigoli steered a customer’s XR6 Turbo to a outstanding 8.48|165 to become the quickest of the breed in the country.

Scotty Cousin’s flew to a 7.62 in the little 2JZ Dato.

Steve Petrovski could not get a full pull in the with the turbo ute.

Tony Avati has ditched the nitrous bottle and bolted on a blower

Tobias Breen brought back the Monte Carlo which has not been seen for some time, packing over 1200hp is still in the sorting stage.

Thomas Leake (son of Pro Stock racer Bruce) now has the ex Anthony Penna Hilux without the 2JZ, Leake has dropped 540 cubes of Reher Morrison between the rails and ran low nine first time out with a load more potential to come.

A lot of more racers are taking advantage of the regular test and tune schedule, with many stepping up from Street Meets and getting more serious with their racing, like Kirk McWade’s HSV running a tough 11.25.

Some pushed a bit to quick las in Tarek Bek’s Trans Am and Andrew McLellan’s Barracuda breaking into the ten’s.

While at the street meet Matt Raisbeck had a major moment with his turbo Torana breaking a axle and taking a ride on the wild side.

Matt Gildon had trouble hanging on to a real bucking Hayabusa as he chases the seven second zone.

Next Test and Tune is the 1st October, be there on the track or in the stands.

Highlight videos courtesy of Madman Productions

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