Records bonanza at Sunset Strip

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As part of round three of the 18/19 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series, the Sunset Strip Nationals at Mildura’s Sunset Strip, no less than six new national 660ft records were set.

During the weekend’s SuperComp proceedings, racers Craig Geddes (E/D 660ft ET record: 4.519s), Alex Panagiotidis (E/GA 660ft ET and MPH record: 5.514s and 123.59mph) and Adrian Vella (B/APA 660ft ET and MPH record: 4.667s and 148.52mph) each reset national markers.

“The Sunset Strip Nationals event was terrific – the guys always put on a great event, the racing surface was super impressive with plenty of available grip, and the weather was exceptional for great performances,” Geddes said while thanking DecoGlaze for their support.

“There was a fairly large group of very fast cars at hand, which always meant it was going to be difficult racing and a few records would be set as we slugged it out. We were very surprised with our run, those runs we did were quicker than what we had run at Sydney and Willowbank this year so we were very impressed. We weren’t chasing a record, we were trying to get past some of the quicker guys – we just couldn’t get the job done unfortunately and the record was set on a losing run which wasn’t ideal. Overall though we were very happy with how things went and we are super proud of the team behind the event.”

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In the Competition Bike ranks, Rob Cassar (AA/CBN 660ft MPH record: 139.15mph) and event winner Danny Rickard (V/CB 660ft ET and MPH record: 5.615s and 123.41mph) both set new national records across the weekend.

“It didn’t feel like a record at the time – we had been having problems with the bike all through qualifying. I was trying to go for the record but I didn’t think I could do it when after qualifying the bike wouldn’t even run,” Cassar said while thanking his wife Katie – they have been racing together for 23 years – as well as Denso Auto Parts Australia, PowerPlus Racing Fuels,Shinko Tyers Australia, Nolan Helmets Australia, Ballistic Performance Parts, Lectron Carbs Australia and Lucas Oils.

“After the first round it was a pleasant surprise, it took off hard and I thought ‘here we go’. I had tuned it down a bit as I had never raced my Comp Bike at Mildura before, it should do 150mph to half-track. Overall it was an allright weekend – we ended up bending a couple of shift forks and that is why it didn’t shift into third when I raced Jase McFarlane and so he zipped past me.

“I think the new round robin format works really well and everyone is happy – I think we are going to see a resurgence of Competition Bike this season, we will see it really starting to take off and that is what I want to see!”

In Modified Eliminator, Rob McKay might have endured a first-round break-out but according to him, it was worth it to reset the BB/MD 660ft MPH record to 139.78mph.

“We did the record in qualifying and then we had to do it again in competition to back it up. The car broke out as there was no way I was going to back off as I knew we had to the do the MPH to get the record,” McKay explained while sending special thanks to his crew chief Rhys Steer, Daniel Collins, Andrew Sanders, Mathew Despirit, M & W Engine Service, Craig Geddes, Stewart Johnson and his wife and daughter, Michelle and Lucy.

“We got knocked out in the first round. But it was a good feeling, as we set the record and the car went 4.880s on a 4.90s dial in; it had never gone that fast before .

“The Sunraysia Drag Racing Association did an awesome job of the track – it was the stickiest race track I have ever raced on for sure, and it was a great weekend. The way the event was run was fantastic and a big thumbs up goes to Kingsley Kuchel for his efforts.”

Round four of the 18/19 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series, the South Coast Nationals, will be held at Portland’s South Coast Raceway across November 10 and 11. For more information on that event, please visit or

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