Records set at 20th Jamboree

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The 20th annual Jamboree lit up Willowbank Raceway at the weekend, with Rod Harvey punctuating the racing by becoming the quickest and fastest Sport Compact Car in the world with his performances in the Pro Turbo category.

Harvey, who has struggled recently with wiring issues, was able to run multiple quick passes, with his final run of the weekend – claiming him the win in Pro Turbo from George Rehayem – seeing him into the record books with a 6.410 second pass at 224.21 miles per hour (approx 358kmh).

Sport Compact Managing Director Ray Box said the weekend was a massive success.

“What a great weekend we had, the powers to be were shining on us that is for sure, with beautifull weather all weekend sandwiched between a rainy Friday and Monday,” said Box.

“We had some of the best racing we have seen in a long time in the pro categories, with exceptional passes from people like Rod Harvey and also Rob Campisi in the Extreme bracket who ran the fastest turbo pass in Australia.

“Everything went to schedule and the off track entertainment was really well received by the crowd, with Matty Mingay stunt riding, the show arena was packed and we ran out of space for trade displays!

“The only hiccup was the Puerto Rican team with a shipping delay that was completely out of our control seeing their car not make it here in time, however Dib Taouil kindly gave up his ride in the TCR RX-7 so Eddie Colon could take to the track.

“Eddie certainly didn’t disappoint either, taking it all the way to the final in the Pro 289 category against Wayne Dyson.”

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