Records tumble at 2011 Nitro Champs

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The lead up to the 2011 Nitro Champs had all the ingredients for a great Drag Racing event. However, the weather gods had different ideas and dumped enormous amounts of water on Sydney Dragway and surrounding areas leading up to and into the first two days of the event.

Normally that would be enough to force a halt to proceedings, however the dedicated Sydney Dragway track crew – with their never-say-die attitude – dried and prepared the track at least 10 times over the course of the event to show Mother Nature just who is boss!

By Sunday Mother Nature gave up and we were blessed with a beautiful clear day – and that was all that everyone needed to put on an awesome display of Drag Racing action!

Due to the interruptions of the previous two days we had to squeeze about a day-and-a-half of racing into one day and that meant everyone had to be on their game to get the racing down the track.

At this point we need to make mention of the absolute professionalism displayed by each and every racer that was on the premises especially those pitted in the grassed area. In what can be described as far from favourable conditions, everyone got on with the event and gelled as a team with the officials to get the event done.

At the end of the day, 21 new Track Records and at least six new National Records were set which shows the track crew did their job time and time again as the weather and conditions changed.

Obviously with very little temperature in the track on Friday and Saturday, it was always going to be marginal at the best of times however that did not stop the racers from putting on the best show possible.

When Sunday came around and the sun was out, the pits were buzzing and we just knew we were in for something special – and as usual the racers did not disappoint with great record-breaking side-by-side racing from all Brackets.

As is the nature of the beast when you are involved with such a high speed sport there are accidents and we are happy to report that no one suffered any serious injury and we look forward to seeing those racers back on track soon.

Sydney Dragway would like to thank all the fans, the racers, crews and families for their support and for hanging in there over the weekend. Also a special mention and heartfelt thanks to the Sydney Dragway team and officials who worked tirelessly all weekend and in spite of the odds got the race finished in fine style.

Below is a list of the Track and National records set over the weekend. (See full track record list HERE)

21 New Track Records

COMPETITION               ET         MPH
AA/D   Jeffrey Clarke       5.902     240.17
AA/FC  John McSweeney 5.988     240.17
SUPER STOCK               ET          MPH
B/APA Darren Parker       7.613     179.85
C/AP   Nino Cavallo         7.951     168.39
C/G     John Kuiper         8.166      
D/GA   Peter Clark                       158.46
DD/GA Daniel Camilleri     8.122     166.23
A/MP   Kevin Magner      8.563     161.87
B/MS   Tim Sizmur                       140.21
C/MSA Tony Caroscio      9.938      
C/MSA Jim Ionnidis                      136.30
SUPER COMPACT         ET          MPH
AA/OM  Po Tung           7.656     182.28
D/SB  Peter Everett      10.078    137.34

6 New National Records

SUPER STOCK            ET       MPH

C/MSA Tony Caroscio  9.938
B/APA  Darren Parker             179.85      (Pending)
AA/OM Po Tung        7.656    182.28
AA/SC Joe Signorelli   6.476    216.65
D/SB  Peter Everett              137.74

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