Red-hot ‘Red Devil’ revealed at Sydney Dragway

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The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car category has grown again with a brand new car revealed at Sydney Dragway, a tribute to the Red Devil once driven by one of drag racing’s pioneers, Phil Olive.

Phil’s son and Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car regular, Shane Olive, will drive the brand new Red Devil ‘57 funny car.

Olive Jnr explained, “To drive a car that is a salute to my father and mother’s achievements and history in drag racing is something pretty special, this car has been a labour of love in the workshop and to drive it today for the first time was one of those surreal moments.

“All of that work in putting a new car together makes it all the more satisfying when you get behind the wheel and use it for what it was intended. But the first time you roll through the water-box and hit the throttle, your mind is straight to getting it down the racetrack.

The car netted a 5.8-second pass in testing, a result that both Olive and the car’s tuner Graeme Cowin, were very satisfied with.

For race fans, the first public showing of the car will be at Harry’s Café de Wheels in the lead-up to the Aeroflow Triple Challenge at Sydney Dragway on December 12. The Red Devil’s café-side cackle will be on October 31 at the Liverpool outlet of Harry’s Café de Wheels.

“We will be firing up the car for the crowd at Harry’s,” laughed Olive.

“I’m sure we will scare some people and excite some too, it will be a nitro baptism for many of the crowd, I’m sure.

For those who haven’t been up-close and personal with a nitro-burning, supercharged HEMI engine, I think it might be a bit of both scared and excited!”

Series Manager, Steve Bettes was blown away with the new car.

“All of the racecars in the Aeroflow Performance race-shop are pretty special but the boys have done an incredible job with this one.

“It’s literally a brand new beast and everywhere you look, you can’t help but be impressed by the details. This is just an amazing car and the finish is first class. Everything from the tinwork to the airbrushing is showcar quality, it really is that good!

“If it goes half as good as it looks, it will win its first event.

Bettes concluded, “We are continually seeing more cars be added to the line-up from around the country and I believe it will continue to grow. This entire class is built around making drag racing exciting, entertaining and affordable for the tracks and the racers – and of course the fans – it’s a simple formula that seems to be working.”

Car launch details
October 31, 2016
Harry’s Café de Wheels Liverpool
2/20 Orange Grove Road, Liverpool

Event details
Aeroflow Triple Challenge
Sydney Dragway – Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek
December 12, 2016


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