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In an unfortunate racing incident at the Nitro Champs, held at Sydney Dragway on the 1st May 2011, the Mazda 6 driven by Rocky Rehayem crashed in the final of Super Compact.

The Mazda 6 was racing against Po Tung in his Toyota Supra in contention for the ANDRA Championship when disaster stuck. Rehayem, second place on the championship ladder and was aiming for a win going into the Winternationals was on what looked like a bullet run chasing the Supra down, who was on a slower index than the world’s fastest rotary.

The Mazda turned hard right at the 1000ft mark and went head on into the wall at over 280kph, the car flipped on its roof and then slid to a stop deep into the breaking area, in a ball of flames.

Fortunately, during the ordeal, Rocky was awake for the whole ride and had the presence of mind to deploy the on board extinguisher which controlled the fire. The emergency crew was quick to respond, getting to the car just as it stopped sliding. Rocky suffered bruised ribs, a fracture to the L2 vertebrae in his back, lacerations in his groin and a stretched nerve in his left eye, for the extent of the accident it could have been a lot worse. All injuries should make a full recovery with plenty of rest and TLC and for that he is truly thankful. He is at home now and resting and determined to get back on track.

The team have been quick to strip down the car and a full assessment of the damage and the data will be analysed once Rocky is back on board, but it looks like the car will be repaired after front halving.

The team’s main priority at the moment is the health and well being of their brother and team principal. A big thank you goes out to everyone that has sent well wishes via Facebook and phone calls, it is a trying time for the team and family but it has been comforting to know there is so much support from not only the world’s rotary community but from the entire motorsport world.

If you would like to send a message of support to the team or to Rocky, head to their Facebook page, they would really appreciate it.

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