REPORT – Atura Championship Rd 3: Winter is coming

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There is not much to report from round three of the Atura Blacktown Championship Series at Sydney Dragway, the artic conditions shut racing down as eliminations started with the track just too cold to race on.

The call was made by Sydney Dragway officials that conditions were unsafe once the track temperature dropped below 50F – track conditions had already proved challenging enough throughout the day.


Some action of note included Charlie Micali returning with his Duster after tagging the wall a few months ago.


Pete Lovering also made a comeback with the Shoebox ’55 which has been on the shelf for several years – as you can see, things did not go to plan.


Quickest car of the day was Troy Papadopoulos who denied the track conditions and punched out a 6.15 at 239mph PB.


Johnny Briscas was not far off the Mustang’s spoiler with the Corvette – also prepped by BK Race Engines- hammering a 6.17 at 234mph.


In All In 10.5, Jeremy Callaghan was the quickest of the day on a 6.70 at 215mph


Moits could not stick the Mustang for the full quarter.



The “Lets Be Spectacular” award went to Michelle Davies who did a sensational job of not bending her Torana when things turned real ugly real quick as track temps plummeted.


PAC Performance were out with a bunch of new go fast bits in a hope to catch those pesky Puerto Ricans.


The PAC Mazda 6 would not stayed glued to the track, but Po Tung;s Supra sure did with a 7.04 at a screamin’ 208mph.


Domenic Rigoli was on it too with personal best incrementals before clicking his best run early, still carding a 6.92 at 178.


Matty Evans scored the double off the trailer with his first 200mph and six second run – a 689 at 203mph.


Another sight unseen for some time – Shane Baxter.


Unfortunately 16 year old David Roberts was unable to finish his licensing in his twin turbo dragster and therefore will not be making an appearance at the Winternationals.


Jess Turner was showing off her new wing, you can read all about the build up of her dragster’s shed built powerplant in the latest issue of Drag News Magazine.


Some more flamage from Jason Both’s All In 10.5 RX&.



We will leave you with some tough Sydney Dragway wheels up action.

Plenty of other video highlights.

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