REPORT: Father’s Day Nostalgia Drags

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ShaneOlive AAFA 2989 020918 30

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods fired up Father’s Day at Sydney Dragway even if the weather had something to say.

Due to a rare climatic event of rain, no one turned a wheel until lunch time and as a result two qualifiers were lost. And with the lack of heat in the track conditions became too cold later in the day which restricted the nitro altereds to two rounds only.


While we waited for the track to dry, plenty of classic metal braved the conditions and took a cruise around the venue.

JustinWalshe AAFA 3453 020918 20

In the first round Justin Walshe in ‘Berserk’ and Shane Olive in “Psycho” started the event off in quality fashion 6.14 to a 6.25. Rick Gauci then took ‘Chucky’s Toy’ to a 6.20 win over Morice McMillin who had to back off ‘Spooky’ to a 6.78.

ShaneOlive AAFA 2989 020918 08

‘Berserk’ went on a five second charge in round two with 5.99 over ‘Spooky’s’ 6.03 in the run of the event. While Olive got ‘Psycho’ hauling to 6.05 over a traction troubled ‘Chucky’s Toy’.

EmmaBegley ONFC 2034 020918 23

Emma Begley was shaking down Let’s Boogie again and romped in a fantastic 5.60.

StephenBrown AAFA 1914 020918 42

Steven ‘Wombat’ Brown was finally behind the butterflies of the new ‘Light Horse’ fuel altered for a couple of launches.

JoeSorbello TG 4808 020918 08

Results in the other brackets saw Joe Sorbello continue his winning ways in his old school Skyline beating the little Escort of Paul Crocker on a holeshot in Top Gas.

ChelseaLeahy ME 2083 020918 14

Middle Eliminator went to Chelsea Leahy with a fresh look on her FED also on a holeshot. Leahy’s .014 reaction trumped other finalist Craig Davies’ – also in a FED – 8.33 on a 8.30.

LukeGriffiths ST 999 020918 35

Experienced Super Street racer Luke ‘Tex’ Griffith put his big Plymouth Satellite in the Stock winner’s circle with a 10.80 on a 10.72 holeshot win over Paul Thoms’ 11.04 on 10.97 lap out of his very tidy HT Holden.

JoshBoskovich NSS 551 020918 17

Josh Boskovich cleaned up in Nostalgia Super Stock with his XA coupe. With the gas turned off, Boskovich went 10.91 on a 10.75 against Sam Sabato’s all over the place HQ’s 11.95 on a 11.06.

JohnKerr VG 35 020918 27

Yet another Nostalgia event win when to John Kerr’s Comet, this time in Vintage Gas, peppering his 10.83 dial in with a 10.835 lap over Ezio Cacciotti’s ‘Green Fing’.

CharlieAttard SM 2686 020918 10

Charlie Attard was on his game in the Street Machine final, the little HB Torana ripped off a .005 light with a 9.804 on a 9.80 despite a red light from opponent Mark Hopkins.

ScottIhrig HR 5254 020918 15

In the old classic Hot Rod class a pair of black Ford coupes faced off, one a ’34 the other a ’32. Paul Westwell went red in the ’32 gifting the easy win to Scott Ihrig’s ’34 model.

MarkAckers CB 4959 020918 14

A red light decided the final in Classic Bike as well. Brian Hazell let the clutch out -.033 to early on his Honda CB750, handing the win to Mark Akers standout green Kawasaki.

AnthonyMastromauro HAGR 5555 020918 08

The cherry picking continued in the HAMBster final with Gerard ONeill too quick off the mark in ‘Gerty’ throwing the win light on in Anthony Mastromauro’s lane.






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