REPORT – Nitro Hot Rod fuel altereds raise hell at Sydney Dragway

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MoriceMcMillen AAFA 74 100917 36

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods gathered for their strongest showing yet with four machines ready to thunder down the Sydney Dragway quarter last Sunday for the Cruzin’ Mag Nostalgia Drags.

GraemeCowin 100917 06

GraemeCowin 100917 06

It was the largest gathering of fuel altereds in decades, if not ever in Australia, and the site will be common place as Graeme Cowin will be taking the Nitro Hot Rod show on the road to venues around the country in similar styling to the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car series of events.

RickGauci AAFA 4227 100917 04

The event marked the first public outing of Chucky’s Toy with Rick Gauci acting as steering wheel attendant, joining Bezerk, Spooky and of course Psycho.

Those in attendance at the Hot Rod Reunion on the night before were treated to a special four car cacklefest to set the mood for the following day.

ShaneOlive AAFA 2989 100917 13

JustinWalshe AAFA 3453 100917 01

Racing opened with Shane Olive in Psycho taking on Justin Walshe in Bezerk, Pyscho drawing first blood with a 6.094 at 234mph to Bezerk’s 6.431 at 226mph. 

MoriceMcMillen AAFA 74 100917 17

Chucky’s Toy won its maiden race over the Morice McMillin driven Spooky 6.088 to 6.270 in another great side by side pass.

JustinWalshe AAFA 3453 100917 12

nost100917 003

Elapsed times plummeted in the second round of three – the racing being run on the same Chicago Shootout format at the funny car show. Chucky’s Toy ripped a stunning 5.847 at 239mph – the quickest run ever in Australia for a fuel altered we think – making Bezerk’s outstanding 6.031 a little ho-hum, well not really, what a race!

MoriceMcMillen AAFA 74 100917 25

Spooky joined the five second club with a 5.966 proving the freshly rebuilt machine was better than ever, and Psycho was in the ball park with a trailing 6.084 to cap off the best round of fuel altered racing we have ever seen.

MoriceMcMillen AAFA 74 100917 31

Final round time and Bezerk unfortunately could not front, this gifted Spooky his second win and let rip a 6.015 at 237mph.

ShaneOlive AAFA 2989 100917 21

Chucky’s Toy was looking for three straight round wins but Gauci was up on the wheel 3 thou to early in what would of been a cracker of race against Psycho with a 6.076 to 6.084.

MoriceMcMillen AAFA 74 100917 52

As a result McMillin in Spooky with the quickest ET of the final round was declared the event winner over Chucky’s Toy and Gauci.

The Aeroflow Nitro Hot Rods now head to Steel City Raceway at Whyalla for their next showing, be sure to check them out over the short track.

Very cool video of fuel altered racing at its best by Madman Productions

More video of the racing action from Fast Performance Videos.

Other winners of the Cruzin’ Mag Nostalgia Drags were:

JamieRobertson TE 5886 100917 27

Top Eliminator: Winner -Jamie Robertson. R/Up – Darryl Walford.

BrettMcNiff TG 784 100917 06

Top Gas: Winner – Brett McNiff. R/Up – Paul Crocker.

AshHayley VG 5776 100917 60

Vintage Gas: Winner – Ash Hayley. R/Up – Damien Kemp.

CherieLuke ME 7771 100917 14

Middle Eliminator: Winner – Cherie Luke. R/Up – Craig Davies.

GregMason SM 4474 100917 07

Street Machine: Winner – Greg Mason. R/Up -Mark Cox.

JoeCondello HR 2326 100917 03

Hot Rod: Winner – Joe Condello. R/Up – Luke Thomsen.

ShannonThomson CB 6486 100917 26

Classic Bike: Winner – Shannon Thomson. R/Up – Kyle Major.

PeterAttard NSS NOREGO 100917 01

Nostalgia Super Stock: Winner – Peter Attard. R/Up – Sam Sabato.

CraigWarren ST 1751 100917 12

Stock: Winner – Craig Warren. R/Up – Barry Willis.

JamesRodriquez HAGR 6041 100917 07

HAMBster: Winner – James Rodriquez. R/Up – Kim Saunders.

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