REPORT – Sydney Dragway Winter test and tune

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FrankMamone TD 670 040715 37

The Winter freeze abated for the Sydney Dragway test and tune last weekend in favour of a glorious Winters day that delivered a full day of testing.

WayneNewby TF 2155 040715 03

The Rapisarda Top Fuel team with Lee Beard in attendance gave the team’s newest machine a shakedown stab in the late evening – the run ended in tyre spin almost immediately. We will see the Rapisarda team debut Top Fuel in the Top End in just over a week’s time.

FrankMamone TD 670 040715 17

Frank Mamone has stepped into a pair bigger shoes – Mr Outlaw 10.5 will be now steering a Barracuda in Top Doorslammer. Mamone took several shots at the track, being a victim of tyre shake each time.

JeffWilson TD 1004 040715 41

Jeff Wilson also was continuing to search for that elusive tune-up to go A to B without shake.

PaulMouhayet TSAA 1742 040715 27

Paul Mouhayet had no such trouble, leaving the big rubber on after last weekend’s record breaking 5.93 pass, the Moits team rattled off a 5.98, 5.96 and a 5.94 in succession – five second bracket car.

TroyPapadopoulos TSAA 619 040715 03

Troy Papadopoulos was not far behind Moits with the team’s best pass to date at a 6.07 – more impressive is the fact the Mustang is a tank weighing over 2900lbs.

DarrenHubbard SCO 3487 040715 08

Darren Hubbard is finding out about a few of the not so joyous moments running a blown Doorslammer, the newcomer popped the blower while licensing the ex Joe Cutelli Top Doorslammer.

MattyEvans SCO 892 040715 43

Matty Evans’ FED looks magnificent in the Winter sun and had no issue punching out a 6.86 at 202mph

AllisonStewart AMD 4275 040715 29

Meanwhile Evans’ partner Ally-Gator Stewart successfully licensed in Geoff Wright’s “Boss Bullet” Modified dragster with a mid eight second run.

AlfAxiak SSB 1117 040715 05

AlfAxiak SSB 1117 040715 13AlfAxiak SSB 1117 040715 15AlfAxiak SSB 1117 040715 25

There was one mishap of the day, Alf Axiak’s aspirated 20B RX7 got away from him after going a screaming 8.60 earlier in the day. Axiak was unhurt and the car looked to have held up surprisingly well.

CharlieConstanzo SSB 4405 040715 13

On the topic of all motor Rotaries, Charlie Constanzo Datto 13B is quickest in Australia at 9.38 seconds.

DomenicRigoli TSAA 1385 040715 05

There was a small Victorian invasion, Dom Luppino had no luck getting his Outlaw Radial Mustang downtrack.

SteveBuccella TSAA 2930 040715 03

VinceRaschilla TSA 5425 040715 22

Victorian counterparts Steve Buccella and Vince Raschilla had more productive days. Buccella pushed his nitrous Torana to a 8.07 and Raschilla with a sweet Mustang cracked his first seven with a 7.99.

EdgellMallis BMB 687 040715 09

JackScholes AMB 2184 040715 34

Two wheel campaigners from the southern state Edgell Mallis and Jack Scholes also lapped up some track time.

EliaHajjar CCSM 1133 040715 02

There were some quick Sport Compact passes made too, Elia Hajjar motored to a 7.11 in his 13B RX3.

AndrewMaratos CCSM 1994 040715 19

The Dentist – Andrew Maratos – carded a 7.25.

AliKaddour SSCC 2057 040715 07

For Evo fans Ali Kaddour has a flyer, clocking 9.25 at 159mph.

AlexBorg AAMB 737 040715 03

VinceRigoli BBMD 2432 040715 13

Speaking of flying, a few guys attempted it. Alex Borg went 7.60 on his no-bar Hayabusa and Vince Rigoli 8.31 in the little turbo six dragster.

MattWebber SSAA 2399 040715 03

Matt Webber has a pretty serious Falcon XR6 street car on his hands uncoiling a 9.86 at 146mph.

AdamBuffett SSAA 2559 040715 10

AnthonyArmao SSA 4360 040715 11ChrisStevermuer SSA 2254 040715 23JasonBjorksten SSA 5531 040715 15SteveGalea SSA 4470 040715 25

And what is a Sydney event without some wheelstands.

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