Report – Willowbank Sportsman Series 16th March

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With what has been a diabolical wet season for Willowbank Raceway, the clouds did part long enough for the running of the track championship points earner on the 16th March.


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The event is run on a three round format for all brackets, racers who perform the best over the three rounds earn a final berth.

Start with some testing though, Steven Ham debuted his new Mustang funny car, the night ended interestingly when the wheelie bars broke sending Ham skyward dislodging the body.

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Denis Whiting was testing his new GXP only managing a 7.33 best.

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Archie Kajewski also hit the track for low sevens preparing for the upcoming Jamboree, along with Ben Bray who had a 7.10 best.

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In Supercharged Outlaws final it was Bill Fletcher going 6.96 (6.90) defeating the nostalgia funny car of Peter Leahy 7.29 (6.85).

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Modified shook down to two young guns after the three rounds, Rob Harrington with the dragster was killer on his dial in and the tree during the rounds, a .006 light in the final against Wade Moran’s .019 was what he needed for his 7.209 (7.18) to drive around the altered’s 8.191 (8.17).

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Jake Donnelly nailed his dial in 9.687 (9.68) with the Nova, pushing Gary Clarke’s Torana to a 10.38 (10.39) break out for the Super Sedan final.

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Tammy Goldthorpe red lit against Kevin Cleeve in the Modified Bike final.

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A win for the girls in Super Street, both finalists Angela Holz and Blaze Hansen were identical on their dial ins as this one was decided at the tree. A .012 light marginally better for Holz set the win up for her 12.947 (12.94) to Hansen running Harrington’s championship winning Commodore with a 11.227 (11.22).

160313wbsportsman 09

The current national Super Gas champion continued his winning ways defeating David Gauldie 9.96 to a 10.01.

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Girls had it all their way in Junior Dragster, Shelby Leahy defeating Hayley Mackay.


Photos by Grant Berry and Dragphotos


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