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The 2015 Sydney Jamboree could be best summed up as an event of attrition, the car casualty rate was high and props must go to the Sydney Dragway officials who pushed on through what seemed like endless breakages. That said, the Jamboree still produced its usual fair share of wheelstands, wild passes and two step flame throwing action.

Here are the final results of those left standing to hold up the J trophy. 

Factory Xtreme
MarkJacobsen FX 3560 070315 15

The giant crash between Malcolm Glassett and Scott Porter was the low point of the headlining Factory Xtreme class, but fortunately both racers walked away unscathed. The FX cars struggled to find bite in the muggy conditions early on but times started to fall later in the day with Mark Jacobsen saving the world’s quickest GTR run until the final with a 6.53 at 210mph defeating Joe Signorelli.

Pro Turbo

DominicMaiolo PT 4213 070315 02
Pro Turbo has the tightest final of any class, Dominic Maiolo snatching the victory in his Skyline over Loues Consentino’s 2JZ powered RX7 with a 7.42 to a 7.43.

Pro Compact

DomenicRigoli PC 1769 070315 08
Domenic Rigoli is on a role with his Super Compact National Championship winning Eclipse and this continued into the Jamboree, a string of six second runs saw Rigoli take the win over Queensland Chris Tait who had his new look 200SX starting to come around as the event unfolded.

Outlaw Extreme

FrankMamone OE 670 070315 01
The popular Outlaw Extreme class brings some high tech V8 horsepower into the Jamboree scene. Paul Mouhayet was back with his repaired and rebuilt Outlaw 10.5 Mustang along with host of other turbo and blown combatants that thrilled the crowd with low six second runs. The final was blower versus turbo dual with Frank Mamone’s Nova on song against the GAS Motorsport Mustang of Zoran Gajic that was sitting on a 6.15 best run for the day. The Mustang bogged off the line in the final as the Nova set sail for the finish and the win with a 6.53.


JoeSorbello EX 4808 070315 04
The Extreme bracket is for any kind of vehicle that does not fit into the other classes but still meets Jamboree requirements. Sydney Dragway permanent fixture Joe Sorbello would line up with newcomer Craige Lewis in the final, Sorbello’s supercharged ’78 Skyline had the holeshot at the green and Lewis rocketed past too quickly on the top end with a gigantic breakout from his twin turbo Cortina, an impressive 7.88 on 275 radials from a genuine streeter had the team stoked though.

Modified 10.5

JustinWilkinson MTF 5894 070315 04
It was a VL throw down in the Modified 10.5 final, Queensland’s Justin Wilkinson was belting out personal bests all day and a 7.69 in the final held off local VL hero George Haramis who was traded into a Maatouk Racing customer’s car when his own ride snapped a cam shaft earlier in the morning.

Modified Compact

ScottCousins MC 3762 070315 17
It was nearly a dream race debut for Ray Fairfull’s Falcon, the ex Mark Sugars Super Stocker now sports a turbocharged six banger, Fairfull could not quite put the package together in the final of Modified Compact with Scott Cousin’s too good in his 2JZ powered Datsun.

Pro 289

PoTung ST289 4571 070315 33
The Street 289 class is split after qualifying into a heads up Pro 289 class and a DYO class just to add some spice to racing. In Pro 289 Po Tung stomped the field with his Supra to take the win, his finals opponent was newcomer Moey Obeid who had a problems off the line.

Street 289

CiprianPascu ST289 5266 070315 15
The Dial Your Own Street 289 field saw Russell Archer roll the beams with his RX4 in the final handing the J trophy to Ciprian Pascu.

All Motor

CharlieConstanzo AM 4405 070315 50
There are no turbos, nitrous or any form of assisted boost in All Motor, Charlie Constanzo’s Datsun 1200 fitted with one tough little 13B was consistently in the high nine’s all day. A red light from opponent Daniel Meredith let Constanzo run her out the back door in the final for a 9.62 and the win.

Street Compact

MichaelRyan SC 3839 070315 13
In Street Compact Michael Ryan was in his grocery getting Falcon with his real race car “RBKILA” still in the workshop, nevertheless a win is a win, the 16 second Falcon pushed a hard charging Ben Clark VL to a three thousandths break out in the final.

There will be a lot more Sydney Jamboree coverage in the next issue of Drag News Magazine.


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