Return of the Fuel Altered

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It was an inconspicuous debut during a test session back at the Willowbank Top Fuel Championship event, but the cackle emanating from the pipes once fired signaled the appearance of a rare breed, Stewart Prior’s Fuel Altered.

Stewart had been a fan of altered’s watching them as a youngster up at the Palmyra strip and had desired to own one ever since. His previous best down the quarter mile had been low 12’s in a sedan and 10.95 on a bike at test and tunes so this was a very large step up.

Stewart had spent quite a bit of time crewing on the Bailey’s nitro flopper working on the clutch and doing general work on their car learning the ropes. But it was 2 years ago on a flight back from Mackay he decided that “it was a cool thing to do” and wanted to build a AA/FA for some nostalgia racing.

A chassis was sourced from Al Reed in 2009, it was Stewart’s understanding that the chassis was used by Cruz Pedregon for one meet before certain rule changes led to the car being put away for a while. The sky blue body is in its unpainted state at the moment, it was however intended to be painted before the debut but the rain put pay to that.

The cackle is produced by a 496ci KB from Robert Reehl and Gary Burgin with single mag, single pump set up on 87% pop, a six finger 3 plate clutch and a Littlefield 6-71 blower on just %18 overdrive at the moment until a handle is gained on the car.

Stewart is not looking to go out and rotate the earth and set records, he just wants to go out and have fun even though he believes the altered will produce do lazy fives. After being inspired earlier this year from a trip to Bakersfield, Stewart wants to help promote more nostalgia action in Australia.

Passes in testing at the event weekend were all dogged by tyre shake as Stewart commented he didn’t have enough power to drive out of it for the moment on such a good track, though plans to amend that by upping the magneto a bit more.

However seeing a nitro fuelled altered once again on the blacktop certainly stirs the juices of many a race fan.

Stewart is currently supported by some degree by Kendell Oils and for that he is grateful. But he is chasing more potential sponsors at the moment, so if you want to support a unique car that will definitely gain plenty of attention then Stewart can be contacted by e-mail on or on 0418227194


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