Rise of the Villain

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CraigBurns PX 260 230618 66

After delivering some of the toughest race cars in the country SCF Racecars’ Craig Burns has now delivered his own in time for Grudge Kings.

CraigBurns PX 260 230618 13

Rising from the depths of SCF Racecars, “The Villain” has encompassed every spare moment of the Craig and his son’s time to get the car on track, up to the very early hours before the test day.

And what a debut it was, with the blown Mustang, still unpainted and with the big shoes on (destined for radials) dropping a 6.46 – 4.1 to half track – at only 177mph, shutting off before 1000ft.”

Well where do I start, The Villain made its maiden voyages down the track and surpassed anything we had hoped for,” said Burns.

CraigBurns PX 260 230618 11

“The list of people to thank is long and I’m sorry for forgetting anyone or not getting to them. Jeff Cutajar – JC Racestuff, Sam Fenech – Westend Performance, Mark and Ally Menscer – Menscer Motorsports and Alex Makdessi – Al’s Race Glides ensured us we had the best possible results and are extremely greatful for there help, advice and support for letting us get to where we ended yesterday.”

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“Thank you to all our crew, their families and everyone’s well wishes, it is very appreciated. Thank you to the following companies and people that allowed us to get the car to the track yesterday: SCF Racecars, JC Racestuff, Westend Performance, Menscer Motorsports, Al’s Race Glides, Custom Bodyworks, Western Suburbs Diffs, Terry’s Race Components, Spinozzi Racing, Fabietti Race Engines, MSCN, Dupond Motorsport, Team Wilson Racing, Campisi Race Products, Kryger Family Motorsport, JSS Racing, Fiscus/Klugger Racing, Kapiris Bros Racing, Moit’s Racing

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“Lastly I need to say how proud it makes me to have spent the last 12 months working and building this car religiously every night and every weekend with my two boys, who probably had better things to do than work with me – can’t wait for testing and Grudge Kings.”

 CraigBurns PX 260 230618 14

CraigBurns PX 260 230618 14

CraigBurns PX 260 230618 14


CraigBurns PX 260 230618 14

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