Rod Harvey’s Camry shows what a ‘Toyota Pro Mod’ should look like!

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Rod Harvey has revealed his 2018 Toyota Camry which is set to compete in Factory Xtreme this weekend at the Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree at Willowbank Raceway this weekend.

The car uses the same Toyota 2JZ powerplant from Harvey’s Celica (which is up for sale by the way). The Camry was brought to life by US chassis builder Rick Jones, and should help Harvey move deeper into the five second zone at speeds closing in on 260mph.

Now on an editorial note, this is not a ‘Pro Mod’ under any ruleset, but we can’t help but think this should be the image of how a Pro Mod should look if the class wants to attract manufacturer support. Imagine a turbo LS-powered Holden Commodore in the field, perhaps with a Barra-powered Ford Mustang there as well, all running in the low sixes and high fives. Throw in a Nissan 350 or 370Z with a VQ motor (think Scott Porter’s 6.08-second version), and maybe even a Mitsubishi like Collin Willshire’s and you have a lot of manufacturer representation.

Just thinking out loud here, but cars like Rod Harvey’s deserve manufacturer interest – Toyota, are you listening?

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