Rotary Tug-of-war for world domination

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PAC Performance improved on their own Rotary World Record last weekend the Brisbane Jamboree only to see it snatched back away by the Puerto Ricans days later.

A war of words or sledging has erupted between Australia and the small nation of Puertro Rico as the two continue to trade blows in Rotary world. While rivalry is a good thing for any sport some of the sledging has not been, taking away from the sensational achievements from the teams on both sides of the big pond. It has to be said none of this has been instigated from the teams themselves who share a healthy respect for each other.


Winding back to Sunday, the PAC Performance Mazda6 was not having a happy Jamboree, staging technical issues ruined initial runs due to the two step kick starting the timers. Come Sunday afternoon and that problem resolved the team shocked everyone ripping out a 6.455 at 216MPH in hot and tricky conditions bettering their previous world mark.


Video of the record breaking run.



Fast forward a couple of days and Major League team and previous World Record holders in Puerto Rico returned fire with a 6.44 at 218 MPH.




We will be eagerly awaiting for the next salvo from PAC who still lay claim to the speed record, or do the Ricans still have a surprise in their ranks, the Loquito Killer team are in the shadows with a 6.46 at 217MPH.







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