Rotary world record back to Puerto Rico

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Just a week after PAC Performance reset the rotary world record for speed at 223mph during the Jamboree, those pesky Puerto Ricans have stolen it back again and then some, resetting the record three times during a Sport Compact event at Maple Grove Raceway in the USA.

Edwin “Loquito Killer” Burgos with his 20B RX8 went 6.38 at 224mph.

Then returned to go 6.45 at 225mph.

“Loquito Killer” was not done yet, with the RX8 blasting 227.73mph on a 6.30!

El Jerry in the Toyota FT-1 concept pushed his 2JZ to a 6.23 at 229, the quickest Sport Compact in the USA, though still some way off Kiwi Rod Harvey’s 6.12 at 238mph last weekend.

Things did not go to plan for everyone at the event.

With the incredible leaps in performances from all varieties of Sport Compact it seems it won’t be long until we see our first five second Sport Compact vehicle and maybe it is about time this class of car recieves a higher billing in ANDRA Championship Drag Racing.

PAC Performance head to Sydney Dragway this weekend for the next round of the NSW Championship and you know there will be only one thing on their minds.

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