Saratoga steps up

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At the last Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday Geoff Gradden had a chance to put the new Saratoga through its paces in testing.


The Sydney summer has been a brutal one weather wise limiting track time.

“Finally a window in the bad weather to test the car, every scheduled test opportunity for the last month has been rained out or too hot. It rained in the morning, and also on the way home from the track, but not while we were testing, ” said Gradden

“We made a lot of changes to the clutch, engine and 4 link from last time out and were hoping for the first full run.

“1st run shook the tyres hard at about 60 foot and recovered for a 6.8 second pass. Made a few changes hoping to cure the shake, and 2nd pass of the night was a perfect run – 6.43 at 215mph (346kph). No shake, straight as an arrow and no damage.

“This is a better than we hoped for result for the soft state of tune on the car. We also turned the car around ready for the second run in only 1 ½ hours, another PB.

“Thanks Sydney Dragway for a well prepared track, and the Sigra crew for their hard work and dedication. Its great to finally run some half decent numbers.”

With the potential now to go a bit faster than the Supercharged Outlaw bracket Gradden has been running in, the team will now enter the Top Comp bracket at the Pro Series event on the 18th & 19th of March at Sydney Dragway, the event also doubles as a Track Championship event.

A clip of Gradden’s pass

There is a new in car and track side video from last Friday on the Sigra website at:

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