Scott Porter sets new Nissan world record in Orlando

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Australian Scott Porter has edged closer to putting the first Nissan motor into the fives with a stunning 6.03 pass today at Orlando Speed World Dragway as part of the World Sport Compact Finals.

A rollercoaster day for Porter saw him break a crank on his first pass, with the team replacing the motor and returning for the record run.

“We’ve been working towards this pass since we have been here in Orlando,” he said. “We had a run today that was 3.96 to the half, the 6.03 one was a 3.99. 

“We broke the crankshaft in half so that did a fair bit of damage. That was one of our best motors. It’s a shame that one died, but that is the way it goes.

“We found after the 6.03 that the wastegate pipe had a big crack in it that may have let out four pounds of boost. That in itself is enough to possibly see us in the fives. The clutch was slipping pretty hard as well through the first couple of gears. In a perfect world those two things will easily pick up three hundredths, but as we all know trying to make it the same every pass is the challenge.”

Porter will have three more chances in qualifying on Saturday, before race day on Sunday. Check out the video of the 6.03 run below!

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