Serious accident for Leanne Braggs at Mildura

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Popular Modified racer Leanne Braggs suffered a heavy top end crash at Mildura on Saturday night in her seriously quick altered. Leanne was knocked unconscious for a lengthy period and continued to drift in and out of consciousness during a long extraction period from the wreck.

Braggs, who finished second in last year’s Modified championship and is again high up in the points, was transported to hospital where she is remaining for now to battle a major concussion.

Leanne’s son Michael has provided updates on her condition.

“She has bleeding and bruising on the brain so she is still not 100% with it, and she is still going in and out of consciousness and doesn’t know what is going on, so she will be in a for a while I believe,” said Michael via Facebook.

Everyone at Drag News Australia sends their sincerest regards and best wishes in recovery to Leanne and the Bragg family.


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