Sign Hut Motorsport Pro Alcohol Altered takes a hit

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Altereds are brutal un-tamable machines especially when you throw a blown Hemi between the rails. Unfortunately last night, Mark Davison’s Pro Alcohol Sign Hut Motorsport altered bit back hard during the Santo’s Super Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway.

Fortunately Davison was able to walk away sore, but unharmed from the incident that saw his altered strike the tyres and turn hard right, before hitting the wall, flip over, and perform a long slide to a stop wrong way up.

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The altered looks to be is a sorry state judging by photos posted on the Sign Hut Motorsport Facebook page. I am sure the team will appreciate everyone giving their page a “Like” and best wishes, as we hope this will not keep them out of racing too long. There can never be enough blown altereds racing!

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