Signorelli strikes back with new world record

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Hot on the tyre tracks of Rod Harvey’s world record setting run just two weeks ago, Joe Signorelli has struck back reclaiming the title as the world’s quickest 2JZ and Sport Compact car.

The Fuchs Nationals test and tune at Sydney Dragway was the scene for the run, where Signorelli in the Gas Motorsport Celica carded a 6.38 at 223mph, surpassing Harvey’s 6.40 second mark.

New Zealander Harvey still retains the speed title at 224mph, but with Signorelli admitting to pedaling the car, the speed mark will look shakey next time the Gas Motorsports team hit the track this weekend.

One thing is for sure, a titanic trans Tasman battle is on between the world’s two quickest and fastest Sport Compact cars.

Incrementals were :

60′ 1.039

330′ 2.811

660′ 4.207 @ 178.10

1000′ 5.388

1320′ 6.384 @ 223.32

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