Six records set despite summer heat

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Six new national records were set, all in the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship, at Perth over the weekend despite maximum temperatures well into the forties.

Rob Pilkington set the mark for AA/FC with an ET of 5.842, pushing the speed record to 245.23 mph in the process.

Jake & Jamie Chaisty set a new mark for H/MSA with an ET of 9.462 and a new speed of 141.50 mph.

And finally Brenton Baxter (pcitured above) reset the ET and speed for A/MR with an 8.420 run at 166.97 mph. The A/MR class was a new one for this season with no pre-existing mark. Given Baxter ran off his usual pace he may have another chance to better the record at the Westernationals in March!

Congratulations to all three teams.


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