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Shayne Homes of Cyanide Racing recently took out not only the 2010 Castrol Edge Winternationals, but the 2009-2010 ANDRA Competition Bike Championship on one of the smallest bikes in the field, his Suzuki GSXR600 D/SB.

Competition Bike is a great bracket with a great bunch of guys
After a challenging year Shayne was able to enter the Winternationals with a healthy 170 points trailing behind championship favourite David Rundmann on the maximum 200 points.


He originally planned to compete with an all new bike, but due to a parts delay Shayne decided to concentrate on his existing ride with a number of changes including a new tune from Steve at Powerhouse Dyno-tuning.

Early testing showed promise, with the changes enabling Shayne to fend off more fancied rivals to become top qualifier for Sunday’s competition.


With red lights plaguing his season, Shayne erred on the side of caution in the first round against ST/B rider Dave Pothecary, which nearly brought his weekend to an early finish.


Meeting championship rival Dave Rundmann on his B/SB in the quarter finals was a do or die situation, with Shayne having just enough left in his index to take the win putting him in real contention for the championship.


A semi final win against a red lighting Pete Everett on his D/SB earned Shayne enough points to become the 2009-2010 ANDRA Competition Bike Champion.


The finals saw Shayne paired off against Kevin Williamson on his A/SB with both riders off their usual performances Shayne was able to cross the line in front to earn him the win at the 2010 Castrol Edge Winternationals.

Shayne’s achievements for the weekend included top qualifier, the D/SB speed record at 137.26MPH, the Winternationals win and the ANDRA Championship. One that got away was the ET record for D/SB which was claimed by fellow D/SB rider Peter Everett, who pipped him by one thousandth of a second running a 10.078.

Shayne would like to thank Jason Hammelswang for his continued motivation and assistance throughout the season. Without the support of friends and family it’s all too easy to lose sight of the target. He would also like to thank Steve from Powerhouse Dyno-tuning and Wayne from Mufflers to the Max for their assistance during the season.

“Competition Bike is a great bracket with a great bunch of guys. It’s been really positive having another D/SB in the bracket to help push each other along to better performances. Hopefully it will gain popularity with the younger generation as they are already familiar with the bikes,” he said.

“A big thank you to Rocket Industries for their continued support, for not only Competition Bike, but all of the sportsman brackets.”

D/SB is a relatively new class that caters for the 0-640cc capacity naturally aspirated production touring machines as supplied by the manufacturer, modified to the limits described in the class regulations.

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