South Coast Slammers

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Round two of the 2011 Slamfest 1/8th mile Doorslammer series rolled into picturesque Portland in South Western Victoria on the 4th February.

South Coast Raceway was playing host to its first professional event and a track record crowd jammed into the recently updated venue just expanded to accommodate the expected influx. The whole weekend was a special one for Portland with festivities across the town being held to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. The raceway was no different with over $6000 being raised by the SWDRA and the event being dubbed “Slamfest For Wishes”.

The Roulettes from the RAAF displaying their aerobatic prowess in the skies above the track was just some of the off track entertainment.

On track though the excitement was starting to build up as many of the Doorslammer racers had their first look at the Portland track, with a couple having a stab at it in the Friday test session.

Most runs were aborted with shake or spin, but Maclean drifted to a sub track record 4.3 second run, Maclean has set the ET benchmark for the series at the last round with a 4.03.

Saturday dawned and after some morning qualifying from the sportsman racers in front of the packed hill the Doorslammers were in the lanes preparing for their first qualifying session. However the weather gods had other ideas and precipitation fell on the venue just before the first pair was to be fired.  The rain continued to fall and a decision was made to abandon the day and return Sunday, cheering and applause followed with the next announcement that the gates would be thrown open with free entry.

The sun pushed through the clouds on Sunday as a sea of humanity flowed on to the spectator mounds and it was time to go Doorslammer racing. With loss of racing on Saturday a condensed racing schedule was devised to accommodate teams travel arrangements, so it would be just a single qualifying round followed by an elimination round with the quickest two winners meeting in the final.

The first qualifying session was for most their first ever attempt at a run on the track, and the times reflected thiss. The startline is concrete to 60 feet and is renowned for its killer traction, though the transition on to the asphalt is what was proving tricky for the 3000 horsepower machines. A number of racers also were weary of tricky shut down area and were reluctant to drive it out the back door.

Marcus Chambers competed in his first Doorslammer event in more than half a decade, the rear wing with a HQ attached is very welcome sight at the track.

Chambers was the first Doorslammer out on the Sunday but rattled the door loose before throwing a belt against Deno.

Deno unbuckles after his first 5.17 shot at the track to clear the head after violent tyre shake.

Ben Bray was the first racer to put down a competitive ET with a 4.38 @ 156MPH with Kapiris going 4.95 in the other lane.

Peter Lovering cant see the lights and rolls through while Scott Maclean’s 4.65 locks him into second.

Peter Blake continues on with his consistent 1/8th mile form and bumps into second with a 4.40 @ 165MPH over Sean Mifsud’s 5.09 in the opposite lane.

Mifsud drives back past the crowd blipping the throttle.

Maurice Fabietti and Victor Bray have their own blipping contest reversing from long smokey burnouts, Fabietti goes 4.62 and Bray 4.96.

Dale Clothier has a big moment with the FC Holden before saving it in his qualifying attempt.

Qualifying Order

1.    2639    Ben Bray        4.380    156.79 mph
2.    5180    Peter Blake        4.402    165.44 mph
3.    590    Maurice Fabietti    4.626    143.31 mph
4.    3525    Scott McLean        4.657    131.20 mph
5.    3211    Mat Abel        4.819    117.80 mph
6.    4    Peter Kapiris        4.959    143.77 mph
7.    1221    Victor Bray        4.960    125.35 mph
8.    670    Frank Mamone        5.044    143.77 mph
9.    1291    Sean Mifsud        5.095    112.50 mph   
10.    323    Deno Brijeski        5.179    114.21 mph
11.    2076    Phil Glendenning    5.695    103.21 mph
12.    4444    Marcus Chambers    6.426    73.05 mph   
13.    2993    Peter Lovering        NTR    NSR
14.    4443    Dale Clothier        7.527    62.67 mph (Crossed centre line)

The shortened schedule left less than 90 minutes for the doorslammer guys to turn around for their elimination round.

Abel blasted a 4.43 at a track record setting 176MPH to take down Brijeski’s 5.00.

Maclean set the other end of the track record with a 4.23 @ 174 out running Glendennings 4.86.

Severe shake sent Kapiris’ Saratoga into Mifsud’s lane cleaning up the finish line reflectors, while Mifusd would be handed the win, the resultant NTR means he has no chance of making the final.

A 4.26 from Ben Bray in his first round win over a loose Clothier had the Monaro driver in the final against Maclean.

Fabietti clicks his run early for a 4.78 at a coasting 130 MPH, Chambers still couldn’t run him down with 4.75 141 MPH due to a .750 RT.

Lovering needs a crew man to help him stage against Blake.

Blake rips a 4.22 @ 173 to take the track record and bump Bray out of the final in an extraordinary effort. Lovering used all the lane up to run a 5.34.

In the last pairing, Bray performed one of his iconic full track burnout, while Mamone had to be pushed back with no reverser.  Neither racer could push their way into the final, Victor taking the win with a 4.56 over Frankie’s 5.04.

Bray praising the huge crowd on the return road.

A $2 part cost Maclean at the last round and the Territorian is looking to make amends here, Blake is in his first ever final but has consistency on the board in the series.

Blake is on his game with a .016 RT to Macleans .104 and extends the lead with a outstanding 4.25 @ 171 as Maclean spins the tyre’s collecting the wall at the finish line.

A jubilant Peter Blake and team celebrate the teams first event ever win, whilst thanking the huge crowd for their support after the final, Blake was glowing in his praise of the South Coast Raceway saying, “It was great for the team, Racetech and all our sponsors to get the win but the fans here are just fantastic and really make it even better. The way they sat it out in the rain yesterday waiting to see us race I’m just so glad it all turned out today. This is a great facility and we can’t wait to come back.”

Peter Blake now leads the series with 125 points over Peter Kapiris on 100, Bray and Fabietti are close on 90 with Maclean rounding out the top five point scores on 80.



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