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Thanks for being such a huge part of our first year running with Drag News Magazine. As one of our e-mag subscribers we’d like to offer your some deals to help keep you as a part of Drag News Magazine.

At the moment we are migrating to an in-house e-mag system. While Joomag served us well in the first year and had some great functionality, we believe that bringing the magazine under the dragnews.com.au umbrella will help make it easier to access and also ensure we can control how it is viewed.

We have been doing two things for our user base, one is upgrading existing accounts on Drag News to subscriber access and the other is creating accounts for those who don’t have one already. It’s a long process but one that will serve us well in the long term.

We will be changing the model so that subscription includes access to all back issues as well. Basically a year long e-mag subscription will give you not just the future magazines but all the back issues as well, adding to the value we can offer.

As a thanks for being with us, we will extend all e-mag subscriptions by a month on the new system and we also have some sweet deals if you would like to move to the print option, which was not available when we first launched the e-mag.

So check it out and we hope you see something you like!

Print Upgrade Subscriber Offer – 12 issues for $155

Receive 12 issues of Drag News Magazine sent to your door in print.

E-Mag Extension Offer – 12 months for $40

Get 12 months of access to the Drag News Magazine e-mag including all new issues and the full back issue catalogue.

Again, thank you so much for being a part of Drag News Magazine. Your support is what drives us. We are not in newsagents, we are subscriber driven. Every subscriber helps ensure that the magazine continues to grow and can continue to be a valuable part of Australian drag racing into the future.

Thanks from the Drag News team – Luke, Grant and Rob.

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